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Puerto Rico: All Banana, No Republic by Steve Sailer

Puerto Rico is being allowed to fall apart in order to rig American presidential elections by tipping Florida’s electoral votes to the Democrats. The looting of Puerto Rico’s institutions by the rich and the poor alike is depopulating the island.
Puerto Rico is a fascinating test case for what has emerged as the central issue of 2016 politics: borders.
The two American presidential candidates in 2016 both seem fairly centrist in terms of traditional left-right positions, but Mrs. Clinton ranks with John McCain as the purest example of current invade-the-world-invite-the-world establishment ideology. In contrast, as Hillary fumed last week, Donald Trump has fueled his surprise run by endorsing the “alternative” worldview that findsborders prudent and valuable.
For example, Jean-Claude Juncker, the EU politician who heads the European Commission, enunciated this month the ascendant dogma: “Borders are the worst invention ever made by politicians.”
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Crazy Things You Didn't Know About Seppuku

The Blade Most Commonly Used i... is listed (or ranked) 10 on the list Crazy Things You Didn't Know About Seppuku

Seppuku, also called harakiri, is ritualistic suicide by disembowelment, practiced mostly by samurai in feudal Japan. And that's about all most people know about it. Maybe it involved katanas? Maybe honor (or dishonor) inspired the act? Well, time to set the record straight, and reveal disturbing and fascinating insights into what seppuku was really about.

Seppuku isn't something you do on your own. Maybe you've seen movies or shows or comics in which a samurai, sitting in silence and solitude, stabs himself with a katana. That's wildly inaccurate.

In reality, stabbing yourself in the gut is just the first part of seppuku. You cut your abdomen to release your spirit from your body; after that, you're alive and in excruciating pain. Your assistant, a kaishakunin, decapitates you. Your kaishakunin should be someone you really trust, because there's nothing fun about a botched decapitation. 

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Gay Panic on the Alt Right by Greg Johnson


The Alternative Right is subject to occasional gay panics. Throughout most of human history, politics and war have been exclusively male occupations, and in those realms of culture where women took part — such as religion and education — the sexes were still separate rather than mixed. Since this is a political movement, it is naturally attractive to men. Since it is a dissident political movement, it also tends to scare off women.

However, in the present age, all predominantly or exclusively male institutions are routinely slurred as “gay.” The purpose of this charge is to lower trust and raise conflict within male groups and to encourage them to integrate women, whose presence will supposedly provide insurance against future charges of being “gay.”

Generally, this slur originates from the Left, where homosexuality is supposed to be a good thing. But gay panics presuppose “homophobia,” one of the Left’s sins. The Left is quite happy, however, to exploit such sentiments to weaken any male institutions that make individual men or society as a whole stronger, from male gyms and sports leagues to men’s clubs and the military — and now the guardians of the white race.

Unfortunately, the Left is not the only source of gay panics in our ranks. The most recent examples are self-inflicted.

For instance, after the Halloween 2015 National Policy Institute conference, the Two Matts, Parrott and Heimbach, made up the story that Heimbach was disinvited from NPI because a “gay mafia” disapproved of his Old Testament opinions on homosexuality. Their motive was narcissistic rage, and their aim was simply to harm NPI by starting a gay panic, a troll so divisive that it was eagerly promoted by the Southern Poverty Law Center which shares the same destructive agenda. Naturally, there followed a great deal of squeaking and spinning in the smelly hamster cages of the internet movement, which generated a great deal of distrust and ill-will but did nothing to stop or slow down our race’s programmed march to extinction.

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Robert Stark interviews Ray Sawhill about Journalism

Robert Stark and co-host Alex von Goldestein talk to Ray Sawhill. Ray is a retired journalist who lives in Santa Barbara, CA. He blogs at Uncouth Reflections as Paleo Retiree
Topics include:
Ray’s career as an Arts, Culture, and Film journalist at Newsweek
How Ray stumbled into journalism, and how that was not his original passion in life
How artist and writers often get into journalism to make a living
The era of the journalist as the gatekeeper
Censorship in journalism
How the internet is changing journalism
The effects of the internet on cultural innovation
How the internet both enables creative types and non conformist to get their views across, while enforcing conformity for the rest

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Hillary Woodsehd, (3/11) Child Starvation and Prostitution

Hezbollah Leader explains why Syria & Assad are crucial to Middle East w...

Colin Flaherty - The Media is Lying About Black Lives Matter & Black Mob...

the hypocritical etiquette of our masters By:George McCartney

Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump have reached such a fraught point in their campaigns that they’ve taken accusing one another of America’s unpardonable sin: Racism. The broadcast news outlets are all delightedly agog. This is understandable. Nothing sells better in America than accusations of racial preference. It’s a near certainty that Barack Obama was elected president by people desperate to avoid the third rail of American political discourse. In today’s America you can’t be counted among the socially acceptable if you acknowledge the tiniest preference for your race over another. That’s why a person of color, the light-skinned, well-spoken Obama, was just the ticket in 2008 and again in 2012. He let those who voted for him off the racial hook. In one way this turned out to be a blessing. Both John McCain and Mitt Romney were and are in the Neocon orbit. As such, they would surely have mired us in more Middle Eastern wars.
Still, isn’t it odd that the charge of racism should be so potent? After all, nearly everyone in our nation shares this vice: white, black, brown, yellow. Most of us for most of our lives prefer to be with our own kind. And yet to say so earns one a sentence on the scaffold of public excoriation, humiliated by having a Scarlet R emblazoned on one’s breast.
Aren’t we supposed to have the right of free association? Not, it seems, in public and corporate life. Nor are we free to speak as we please. There’s an unforgiving linguistic etiquette to be observed with regard to race. ABC newsreader Amy Robach discovered this last week when she referred to blacks as colored people. Her media counterparts pounced immediately expressing their heart-felt dismay. Robach swiftly apologized for her egregious violation. She had slipped, she explained. She had meant, of course, to say people of color. This locution, as everyone knows, makes all the difference. 
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Problems of Homomania

Homosexist Supremacism is crime against Moral Freedom, the freedom to be moral & decent and not aid & abet what is gross, foul, wicked, and evil.

The state says you MUST bake the Gay Wedding Cake that associates marriage with the fecal penetration of narcissistic sexual deviants who have the support of Jewish globalist imperialists who use the homo agenda as their proxy.  Jews are the ruling minority elite in gentile nations.  /this makes Jews nervous, so they try to normalize minority elite supremacism by promoting homosexuality as the New Normal and Homomania as the new religion(that must even invade and take over churches).

Russians must never surrender their Moral Freedom to Homosexist imperialism. 

Homosexist Supremacists are not content to have the freedom to indulge in gross, deviant, and foul acts of fecal penetration and mutilating sexual organs for purposes of 'changing' sexes.

They want to take away your MORAL FREEDOM to not involve yourself in their degenerate behavior.
So, marriage has been turned into a decadent institution to serve the vanity of homos, women's restrooms & showers have been turned into place for men with wigs & dresses, and decent bakers must be fined and driven out of business because they refuse to believe that a homo's fart/poop hole is the equivalent of a woman's vagina that births life.

Homosexist narcissism isn't about the freedom to be homo and do homo things.  It is about the homos taking away the right of Moral Freedom from those who refuse to see homomania and transmania as healthy moral/cultural developments.

Homosexist narcissists say a man's fart-hole is no less a sex organ as a vagina. 

If that is so, this must be sweet music and shit must be equal to a baby.

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"How the Red Army Defeated Germany: The Three Alibis." - Dr. Jonathon M....

Why our generals were more successful in World War II than in Korea, Vie...

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Time For the Alt Right (REO Volkswagen)

Lyrics by JackNolan and White Hot Takes
I've been around for you
I've voted, campaigned for you
But I haven't seen any change
I've swallowed my pride for Jews
Even though I knew
In my heart you'd let me down once again
You had my throwing my vote away
Cause you hated winning
All of your failures
And still you are shilling
Keep cucking left
And I say goodbye
I believe it's time for the Alt Right
You said you'd work it out
You said you'd fight it out
But deep down you were really all cucks
Oh, now I'm tired of holding on
To a party I know is gone
I do believe that I've had enough
I've had enough of the falseness
Of the virtue signaling
Enough of the pandering
And the gibs never ending
Keep cucking left
And I say goodbye
I believe it's time for the Alt Right
Time for the Alt Right
White man gotta set himself free
Time for the Alt Right
Without us there's no GOP
You're gonna hurt when we say bye
But it's time for the Alt Right
Time for the Alt Right
White man gotta set himself free
Time for the Alt Right
Without us there's no GOP
You're gonna hurt when we say bye
But it's time for the Alt Right

Hillary Clinton’s Ceausescu moment. An American dictator’s controversial speech.By ADAM GARRIE

Image result for Hillary Clinton’s Ceausescu moment. An American dictator’s controversial speech

Hillary Clinton has delivered a speech that may well go down in the annals of history as her Ceaușescu moment.
Whilst she got all of the terminology incorrect, Clinton’s attack on her most critical opponents singled the fact that what I have called the alternative-globalism has sent fear to the heart of the traditional neo-liberal/neo-con globalist establishment.
She called all media which refuses to read from the BBC/CNN script the ‘alt-right’. This is an odd choice of words for several reasons.
First of all alternative media is comprised of and watched by individuals with ideologies that can be described as both left and right. There is no rigid ideological exam one must pass in order to realise that mainstream media in the West twist information, tell untruths and act as cover for a failing and corrupt political elite.
Secondly, the old definitions of left and right are in shift. Neo-liberal globalism is as much of a source of continuation for those concerned about cultural erosion and the attack on nation states as it is for members of the global labour movement and those concerned with international human rights.
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Why Stonewall Jackson & Virginia Chose Secession by S.C. Gwynne

Screen Shot 2016-08-22 at 3.03.44 PM

Jackson had remained generally aloof from national politics. As a slaveholder, he was aware of the congressional debate over slavery in the territories, but not deeply versed in it. He was like many ordinary Virginians of his day: a moderate states’-rights Democrat who favored keeping Washington’s nose out of Virginia’s business and working within the Union to resolve differences. He had no ideology; he was a Virginian. The cadets he taught, moreover—part of that great mass of young men who would do most of the war’s fighting—would have had little understanding of the freakish political complexity of the Compromise of 1850, for example, which attempted to settle the question of slavery in what was essentially the entire American Southwest, plus California. Most would have been unable to parse the meaning of “states’ rights” in the federal Constitution, or fully grasp the reasons for the disastrous splintering of the Democratic Party in 1860—a carefully planned conspiracy intended to inspire Southern secession—which had guaranteed the victory of Abraham Lincoln. Virginians were not stupid; they just had more provincial and personal views of the world than the men who rode to battle in the halls of Congress.

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Daniel Friberg: The Rise of the Real Right — Lecture at George Soros’ University

I held a lecture at the Central European University in Budapest, Hungary on August 1st 2016. The lecture, including the questions and answers session at the end, amounted to almost three hours in total. Therefore, we decided to publish a shorter video of highlights, as well as the full lecture in text format below.

1. Introduction

Hi everyone. My name is Daniel, and I am going to talk to you about the rise of populism and nationalism in Hungary — as well as the rest of Europe and the US, to put the Hungarian situation in a broader context.
First of all I would like to thank the organizers for giving me the opportunity to speak here today. And I find it especially enjoyable to speak here at CEU — which is a university founded by George Soros.
Let me begin by introducing myself.
I am a Swedish businessman and part-time expat, having lived in Hungary periodically for two and a half years. I have an MBA from the University of Gothenburg, and a professional background as a University researcher within the field of social capital, a business analyst, management consultant — as well as having held several management positions in a multitude of business sectors — from manufacturing via the mining industry to media and publishing.
More importantly however, I have been involved in what I call ”the real right” — which is the populist, conservative and nationalist right — on an international level for 20 years as an activist, writer, author and publisher. This has given me some level of insight into the Right’s history and development during that time, something I intend to share with you in this lecture. I’m sure we will have a lot of fun.
During my time here in Hungary, I have also gotten to know a lot of interesting people both within the media and in politics, and so I’ve achieved some level of insight into the Hungarian political situation, which I find highly fascinating and quite unique.
This lecture consists of five parts, plus time for questions at the end. Since I suspect that what I have to say might raise a lot of questions and comments, this might very well prove to be the most interesting part for both of us.

The reverse exodus of Pakistan's Afghan refugees

Noor Mohammad, right, beside a truck
Pakistan's request for all three million Afghan refugees within its borders to leave is causing chaos on its borders and plunging families into uncertainty. Many Afghans have spent all their lives in Pakistan. The BBC's M Ilyas Khan reports from Peshawar.
Noor Mohammad has been queuing for three days to return to Afghanistan - despite being certain that hardships face him on his return.
He fled to Pakistan in the winter of 1979, days after the Soviet army invaded Afghanistan and helicopter gunships started hovering over his village in Baghlan.
He was 12 or 13, and remembers the gruelling journey he made with his family.
"We climbed the hills and started to move south. We went on for days, sometimes walking, sometimes taking a ride on lorries or ponies."
Thirty-seven years later, he has to move again, because his second home says he has overstayed his welcome.
His return journey will be less physically demanding than the one he made as a teenager - but not much easier.
When I met him last week, Noor and his family had spent three days stuck behind a 3km (two-mile) queue of lorries trying to reach the UN-run repatriation centre in Peshawar. And they still seemed to be days away from the centre.

They were angry and frustrated. Others in the queue said they had been waiting for nearly a week.

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The US Position is Untenable

US Fed debt 2000-2045
The US Congressional Budget Office (CBO) has newly released a projection of Federal debt 2016-2046.
The CBO analysis shows that Federal debt is on path to increase from 75% of GDP to 146% of GDP in 2016. These figures exclude state & local government debt of approximately 16% of GDP (source: Fed.Reserve Z1,D1 and, meaning that the total public debt in the USA is on track to increase from 90%+ to 160%+ of GDP.
A public debt of 100%-200% of GDP is possible in Japan and Italy, where nearly all public debt is owned nationally—in Japan, by (often state-promoted) enormous private entities. However, for the USA, such high public debt figures are bound to lead to a fundamental crisis of non-confidence in the US dollar. 
Falling dollar rates and rising interest rates will incur still higher deficits to pay the interests on the public debt. 
A vicious circle threatens the US economy.
When and how it may start, we don’t know.
The biggest driver of the US Federal debt is the aging of the US population. Today 15% of Americans are aged 65+. This percentage will increase by two thirds, so that by 2060 about 24% of the US population will be 65+. Until now, the USA has benefited from a young population. The strain on medicare and social spending of an aging population, even with the still limited entitlements in the USA, will be enormous.
The CBO has calculated, that just to keep the Federal debt at its present level, the balance between tax revenues and federal expenditures must be improved by 1.7% of GDP—every year the next 30 years. In other words, tax revenue must increase and government expenditures must be curtailed.
The US economy is becoming less and less competitive. One reason for this is because the USA has some of the worst 3rd world-like public infrastructure in the western world. Roads, bridges and railways in the USA are a sham. High-speed trains are non-existent. Not only is China building far more kilometers of inter-state high-ways than the US, but it is also one of the world’s leading countries in the field of high-speed trains; in fact, China may become the main-supplier of America’s first high-speed railway line.

America’s Allies Deserve to be Disturbed By DOUG BANDOW

America collects allies like Americans collect Facebook friends. As a result, Washington defends more than a score of prosperous European states, several leading Asian nations, and a gaggle of Middle Eastern regimes.
Yet most of the countries on the Pentagon dole appear to be perpetually unhappy, constantly demanding reassurance of Washington’s love. Their sense of entitlement exceeds that of the typical trust fund baby.
As a result, the U.S. is expected to protect virtually every prosperous, populous, industrialized nation. But that’s just a start. Washington also must coddle and otherwise placate the same countries.
Once great powers, they now believe it to be America’s duty to handle their defense. Alas, U.S. officials are only too willing to enable this counterproductive behavior.
Except for Donald Trump.
There is much to say about his candidacy, most of it bad. Nevertheless, he’s right not to be interested in reassuring allies.
Which has horrified the gaggle of well-to-do nations on America’s defense dole. For instance, the New York Times reported “an undercurrent of quiet desperation” among European officials. They went to Hillary Clinton’s campaign begging for, yes, reassurance!
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The State, The Matrix & The One

I recently submitted the following to the op-ed section of the NYT

Dear Editors,

If I were to tell you that I am The One, a real-life Neo, here to save humanity from The Matrix, you would take me for a nutter or a joker. Nutters don’t usually realise they are nutters, so perhaps that is what I am, but let’s assume, if you will bear with me, that I’m a joker, and that many a true word is sometimes spoken in jest.

The Matrix, as I see it, is not a near-future creation by intelligent machines, as it was in the film, but an ancient creation of man himself, which has developed over the centuries and long dominated the world. I am referring to civilisation itself, i.e. the STATES which comprise it, in their various forms, notwithstanding that relatively recent developments have given rise to a single, increasingly global, civilisation 

We are all so immersed in, subjectively familiar with, and dependent on the state, i.e. the society it provides a distinctive framework for, that we fail to recognise it for what it is, just as we once failed to recognise the true nature of the material universe. I am referring especially to academics, who are generally seen as experts and authorities in their particular field of study. Today's social and political scientists, who are responsible for our understanding of society, the state and civilisation are still stuck in a pre-Copernican, i.e. pre-Darwinian, dark age, and mainstream society with them.

To make a historical, instead of a cinematic, analogy, one might see me as a modern-day Galileo, challenging the established world view. While Galileo challenged the Church's Earth-centred view of the universe with the more realistic Copernican view, I'm challenging modern academia's anti-Darwinian view of society with a pro-Darwinian view.

Pro-Darwinian, anti-Darwinian! What am I talking about? Perhaps I am a nutter.

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Brother Nathanael 2016 Trump Ransacks Hillary's Foreign Policy

Brother Nathanael 2016 The Future Belongs To Russia

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The Fallout of the Failed Coup by AARON STEIN

The attempted putsch and the purge that followed will leave Turkey weaker for years to come.
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The recently disclosed files further substantiate prior claims that exposed Israel's secret armament of the Argentine junta in the 1982 conflict with Britain.

Falklands war

The British Foreign Office has recently declassified documents that allegedly prove that Israel sold weapons to Argentina during the 1982 Falklands War between the Latin American nation and the UK.

The British government's National Archives department released the files dated November 16, 1984, which include a memorandum from a senior British diplomat who provided details on the Israeli arms sales to Argentina, the London-based Telegraph reported Wednesday

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Oldie but Goodie: 'Good Shepherd' Taps Into Blue-Blooded Vein of Secrecy Matt Damon plays a coldhearted CIA agent in Robert De Niro's convoluted spy tale. Matt Damon plays a coldhearted CIA agent in Robert De Niro's convoluted spy tale. By Stephen Hunter

Matt Damon plays a coldhearted CIA agent in Robert De Niro's convoluted spy tale.

Gentlemen do not read each other's mail, unless of course they don't want to be wiped off the face of the Earth. Thus was born the Office of Strategic Services in 1942 and then the Central Intelligence Agency in 1947, expressly to read other gentlemen's mail.
But once you enter that neck of the woods, the problems do not go away. They multiply. Who reads the mail of our fellows who read the other fellows' mail? And who reads their mail? And on and on it goes, a wilderness of penetrated missives called counterintelligence, and that is the subject proper of Robert De Niro's brilliant if uncompromising movie "The Good Shepherd."
The film is a roman a clef loosely linked to a CIA officer of some fame named James Jesus Angleton -- code name "Mother" -- who became head of the company's counterintelligence division, and thus was tasked with reading the mail of our mail-readers. He was brilliant and dedicated, but maybe he read a little too much mail by the end. His job was to find the goblins in the woodpile, and by the end he saw goblins under every log. The movie's impossible mission, which it decides to accept, is to explain this to us.

‘War Dogs’ : The Real Spiel - Steve Sailer

The comic biopic War Dogs starring Jonah Hill as Efraim Diveroli, the 22-year-old Miami Beach international arms dealer whose scandal was a nine days’ wonder in 2008, serves as a fun test of my instincts about how the world actually works.
Eight years ago, I went out on a limb to predict that the stoner bro who won a $300 million Pentagon contract to supply AK-47 ammunition to the Afghan army wasn’t going to be the Bush administration’s Watergate or even its Iran-Contra. The more I looked into it, the less it smelled like a vast conspiracy implicating the entire military-industrial complex all the way up to Dick Cheney…and the more it seemed like a Jonah Hill movie.
In my initial blog post, “More Amazing Adventures of Men With Gold Chains,” I pointed out that young Diveroli’s relatives weren’t exactly Texas oilmen.
Diveroli’s grandfather Yoav Botach is one of the richest landlords in Los Angeles. His uncle Shmuley Boteach, author of the best-selling advice book Kosher Sex and star of the reality TV show Shalom in the Home, was known as Michael Jackson’s rabbi.
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The Coming Legitimacy Crisis

The wrecking ball that is the Trump campaign has already smashed through the Republican Establishment and “movement conservatism.” The next target is the System itself. And this requires blowing apart the indispensable support of the occupying government—the lying press.
Ezra Klein (Is there an echo in here?) says the election is not between Left and Right but between “normal” and “abnormal,” which explains the media’s increasing willingness to dispense with objectivity and openly attack Trump. More importantly, Klein admits that the press is “afraid” of Trump because he “is a threat to the free press as an institution.”
Of course, the “free press” is anything but. As we are learning from the Soros leaks, the Narrative of White dispossession promoted by the lying press is simply a product, bought and paid for. Western reporters scream for citizens who criticize mass immigration to be jailed. The Fourth Estate acts as an instrument of repression, serving the interests of those in power, hunting down dissidents and comforting the comfortable.
Journalism is about as “subversive” as late-night comedy. Reporters are enforcers for the political and cultural regime. And certain journalists can be explicitly identified as morally culpable for everything we face.
The lying press is screeching because Trump calls reporters “liars” and “scum” at his rallies, and his supporters are taking notice. One attendee was taking photographs of people in the press pen at a recent Trump rally, leading to kvetching from the journalists about the lèse-majesté of a random citizen doing the same thing they do to Trump’s voters.

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Imperium - The Movie To Smear Trump

It’s fatuous to outlaw an emotion – especially hate by Rod Liddle


A man in Austria has been sentenced to three months in prison for posting a picture of his cat on the internet. The photograph showed the cat, which has not been named, raising its right paw in the air in what appears to be a Nazi salute. It also had a side parting in the fur on its head and what we might describe as a distinctive moustache. Clearly the benighted creature was a fan of the controversial politician Adolf Hitler, and equally clearly the Austrians feel a little bit sensitive about all that business. Outrageously, there was no punishment whatsoever for the cat itself, which surely knew what it was getting itself into and cheerfully connived in the whole sordid episode. I’d have had it shot, bang, just like that. There is no place in decent society for animals which venerate Hitler — or Goebbels, Hess or any of those others.
About 80 years ago, on Hitler’s orders, the SS became interested in politicising pets, and especially dogs. Hitler was fascinated by dogs and believed there were hidden depths to their talents. On his orders ahundesprechschule was founded to develop their intellect and teach them German, in the hope they might one day be used for military purposes. You are probably musing to yourself that the German language does not sound terribly dissimilar to the noises you might expect to hear from an inflamed Doberman pinscher, perhaps one that had caught its genitals in a gin trap (while Heinrich Heine said much the same thing about English, so each to their own). But conjugating those verbs and getting the tenses right would surely test even the brightest collie. Anyway, the best the SS could come up with was a dachshund who, when asked ‘Wer ist Adolf Hitler?’ would reply promptly and in perfect German: ‘Mein Führer!’ And also raise his paw in salute. But I digress.
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Who Put the West in Western Civilization? by Robert Royal

western civilization

Where did “Western” Civilization come from? The term does not refer to any simple geographical location and did not exist until relatively recently. According to the Oxford English Dictionary, G.K. Chesterton was the first to use the expression “Western man” only ninety years ago, in 1907. How the notion came into existence explains a good deal about what the West represents. For many people, the West simply means Western Europe and countries of Euro­pean origin such as the Americas, Austra­lia, and New Zealand. But the non-Euro­pean parts of the West, particularly America, have added to and altered the original cultural base. Much of what is characteristically American was forged against European influences, long before there was such a thing as opposition to “Euro centrism.” Yet we also undeniably remain an offshoot of Europe. In addition, Western ways are spreading to other parts of the globe. Paradoxes of this kind make it necessary to inquire more carefully into exactly what we mean by the West.
Whatever else it may mean, Western Civilization is the primary culture here and in Europe. Yet this simple statement has begun to raise all sorts of protests. Many individuals and groups dominant in our society identify Western Civilization with racism, slavery, imperialism, colo­nialism, sexism, environmental destruc­tion, and other equally repulsive traits. Even more troubling, they do so without much acquaintance with the rich, varied, open, and questing nature of what is best about the West—or a realistic appraisal of the likely alternatives. Most of these attacks depend upon moral or intellectual intui­tions that, elsewhere, have little, if any, importance. So anyone who thinks West­ern institutions to be of value finds himself at an odd, embattled crossroads. He may agree with the quite Western principles used to criticize some Western failing, but senses danger in the way such principles are blindly turned against their very source.
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Mel Brooks Looks Back: ‘Blazing Saddles’ Could Never Get Made Today

The 90-year-old comedy master opens up about his upcoming Blazing Saddles event at Radio City Music Hall, political correctness, and the state of comedy today.

08.21.16 12:35 AM ET

In a world gone mad, Mel Brooks, now 90, is determined to get people back on his laugh track. Earlier this year, members of the Writers’ Guild of America voted for the 101 funniest screenplays of all time. Brooks was the only writer to have three scripts he wrote or co-wrote in the top 12: his Oscar-winning original screenplay for The ProducersBlazing Saddles, and Young Frankenstein.
On Sept. 1 at New York’s Radio City Music Hall, after a screening of Blazing Saddles, Brooks will discuss why the classic western sendup is still a riot 42 years after its theatrical debut. If that weren’t enough, a coffee table book ofYoung Frankenstein will debut this fall.
Brooks is one of precious few to capture the EGOT, taking home Emmy, Tony, Grammy, and Academy awards. Like Don Rickles, Tony Bennett, and his close friend Carl Reiner, who co-created the 2000 Year Old Man bits, Brooks represents an era of show business that will pass when they do. But until that day comes, this old man river of laughs just keeps rollin’ on.
What did Warner Bros. executives think when they first sawBlazing Saddles?
Mel Brooks: They wanted to bury me and the film. The head of distribution told the owners not to release the picture but they only did because it was already booked in theaters and they didn’t have a picture they could replace it with. Only John Calley, an extremely filmmaker-friendly executive at the studio, championed it. The rest of the executives wouldn’t acknowledge me on the lot even when Blazing Saddles became a huge money maker.”
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The media are misleading the public on Syria By Stephen Kinzer

New recruits trained to fight alongside opposition in Aleppo, Syria.

COVERAGE OF the Syrian war will be remembered as one of the most shameful episodes in the history of the American press. Reporting about carnage in the ancient city of Aleppo is the latest reason why.
For three years, violent militants have run Aleppo. Their rule began with a wave of repression. They posted notices warning residents: “Don’t send your children to school. If you do, we will get the backpack and you will get the coffin.” Then they destroyed factories, hoping that unemployed workers would have no recourse other than to become fighters. They trucked looted machinery to Turkey and sold it.
This month, people in Aleppo have finally seen glimmers of hope. The Syrian army and its allies have been pushing militants out of the city. Last week they reclaimed the main power plant. Regular electricity may soon be restored. The militants’ hold on the city could be ending.

Militants, true to form, are wreaking havoc as they are pushed out of the city by Russian and Syrian Army forces. “Turkish-Saudi backed ‘moderate rebels’ showered the residential neighborhoods of Aleppo with unguided rockets and gas jars,” one Aleppo resident wrote on social media. The Beirut-based analyst Marwa Osma asked, “The Syrian Arab Army, which is led by President Bashar Assad, is the only force on the ground, along with their allies, who are fighting ISIS — so you want to weaken the only system that is fighting ISIS?”
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Opinion: 'Butcher of the Balkans' wasn't a butcher, after all

Supporters of the late Slobodan Milosevic hold his photo in front of the Museum of Revolution in Belgrade in 2006, where Milosevic's coffin was on display before he was buried. Milosevic, 64, was found dead in his prison cell while he was on trial at the UN war crimes tribunal in The Hague.

Remember Slobodan Milosevic? Sure you do. The former Serbian president was one of the bad guys of the 1990s.
When Yugoslavia disintegrated into civil war, Serbs, Croats and Muslims indulged in a horror show of mutual mass murder. With the Serbs tapped as the biggest villains, the Western media focused in on Milosevic and vilified him as a modern-day Hitler. He was blamed for starting the war and accused of genocide and ethnic cleansing against Bosnian Muslims and Croats.
After much handwringing and rhetorical outrage, Canada and Western nations dispatched thousands peacekeepers to quell the slaughter, and took part in a NATO bombing campaign against Serbia. Nonetheless, about 140,000 died in what are referred to as the Yugoslav wars between 1991 and 2001.
Seems it was the wrong call, at least to some extent. Earlier this year, in a decision that received minimal media attention, the International Criminal Tribunal for the Former Yugoslavia (ICTY) exonerated Milosevic.
Milosevic, the tribunal ruled in late March, wanted to prevent the breakup of Yugoslavia, and while he initially supported Bosnian Serb leaders to that end, there is no evidence he was part of a “joint criminal enterprise” to victimize Muslims and Croats.
“Based on the evidence before the Chamber regarding the diverging interests that emerged between the Bosnian Serb and Serbian leaderships during the conflict and in particular Milosevic’s repeated criticism and disapproval of the policies and decisions made by … the Bosnian Serb leadership, the Chamber is not satisfied that there was sufficient evidence presented in this case to find that Slobodan Milosevic agreed with the common plan” to forcibly remove Muslims and Croats from territory claimed by Bosnian Serbs.
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Black holes are ‘doors’ to another world, scientists say


Black holes are doors to other parts of the universe, according to a new study. But you wouldn’t ever get to come back.
Anyone who managed to get through one of the mysterious doors would end up “spaghettified”, and stretched out like a long strand of pasta, according to the research. They’d get squished back down to size once they reached the other side, but it’s unlikely they’d be alive to see it.
Previously, scientists have held that all matter inside of a black hole is destroyed and so there would be no way of ever actually making it through. But the new research suggests that it could act as a doorway or a tunnel – as in a sci-fi story.
Black holes are places where matter has been squashed to such a density by gravity that the normal laws of physics break down.
The new theory rejects the view that at the centre of a black hole spacetime curves to an infinite point known as a "singularity" and all matter is destroyed.
Instead, it proposes that the heart of the simplest type of electrically charged, non-rotating black hole, is a very small spherical surface. This acts as a "wormhole" - a doorway or tunnel through the fabric of spacetime of the kind seen in countless sci-fi stories.
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When DNC staffer Seth Rich was gunned down near his affluent neighborhood in Washington, D.C., on July 10, theories exploded in the news media about Rich’s possible involvement in the WikiLeaks dump of nearly 20,000 Democratic National Committee emails – some of the messages suggesting that the Democratic Party favored nominee Hillary Clinton over Bernie Sanders from the start.
Now reports reveal Brad Bauman, the man hired by Rich’s family to end the “conspiracy theories” surrounding the unsolved murder, is a public relations manager with the Pastorum Group and specializes in “crisis communications” for the Democratic Party.
WikiLeaks broke the news on Twitter, tweeting: “Seth Rich’s new ‘family spokesman’ is Brad Bauman, a professional Democrat crisis PR consultant with the Pastorum Group.”
Pastorum Group was founded by Joseph Cohen, according to a press release posted on Twitter. It describes Cohen as “a campaign veteran who has previously worked at SEIU, the Democratic National Committee, and Obama for America.” Also, the release says Bauman is a former executive director of the Congressional Progressive Caucus.
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