Wednesday, July 13, 2016

The President’s Prejudices - Taki's Magazine - Steve Sailer

Why do the human sciences record pervasive behavioral differences among racial groups, such as in violent-crime rates?
One explanation is that these disparities originate in complex interactions between nature and nurture.
But, of course, only dangerous extremists hold that theory.
The much more respectable sentiment is that statistical differences among the races are the fault of bad white people, such as George Zimmerman and Minnesota policeman Jeronimo Yanez.
Last week, on his way to Warsaw on Air Force One, President Barack Obama was looking at social media. According to The New York Times, he alerted his press secretary that:
He had decided to make a statement himself as soon as they landed, and had told his aides to collect statistics demonstrating racial bias in the criminal justice system.
Now, you might think that’s putting the cart before the horse. Perhaps the administration should objectively evaluate the evidence first, rather than order its media flacks to dredge up some data justifying the president’s prejudices?
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