Sunday, July 24, 2016

Russia's New Conservative Allies in the US: The 'Alt-Right' Phenomenon. For those that have been paying attention, the rise of the Alt-Right is as surprising, as it is entirely expected. By Vincent DeLarge

What is the Alt-Right?
If you listen to the mainstream media, the Alt-Right is the birth of an American far right Frankenstein that was mid-wifed by Donald Trump’s inflammatory rhetoric in this election cycle.
But what we are seeing now is bigger than even Donald Trump. It is part of a massive paradigm shift that has been underway for some time now. For those that have been paying attention, it is clear that nationalist, patriotic movements are everywhere ascendant in the West.
The endless migration of millions of 3rd world men into Europe, the callousness of the Elite class to the concern its Natives, and the fever-pitched identity politics of the Regressive Left have brought us to a crossroads… It should come as little surprise to nobody that the native populations of the West have started asking some hard questions about their own identity.
Who are we? What do our people stand for? Will we have a future if nothing changes?
These are some of the civilizational questions being raised for the first time in the West since the end of the Cold War. And the "Alt-Right" is the term (that hit the Internet by storm in 2015) under which many dissidents have rallied under in the United States. The etymology of the term however, does not go far in explaining the significance of this rapidly growing movement and the underlying trend in politics that it represents.

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