Thursday, July 28, 2016

Punking the Haters - Taki's Magazine - David Cole

In a normal election year, it would be big news: one of the largest and most influential newspapers in the U.S. fooled by a small cadre of internet trolls into publishing a completely false piece about a GOP presidential candidate. In a normal election year, a story like that would dominate the conservative news cycle for several days at least. Raging Glenn Beck types would demand that the editors explain the reason for the complete abandonment of journalistic ethics that led to the massive error, and there would probably be calls for the reporter responsible for the piece to be fired.
Hell, in a normal election year, a story like that might even seep into the mainstream news cycle, with “media critics” wailing like Björk over the decline of newsroom standards and practices.
But this isn’t a normal election year, as if anyone needs me to point that out.
Last week, as the Republican National Convention raged on in Cleveland, The Washington Post decided to run a damning hit piece against Donald Trump. What else is new, right? But the Post had an ace up its sleeve, a scoop, if you will. I’ll let the title speak for itself:
The people running Reddit’s largest Trump club also promote eugenics and call Muslims ‘animals’
It gets even scoopier:
As repugnant as Trump Twitter can get, Trump Reddit looks far worse. That’s according to an investigation we carried out here at Intersect [a WaPo blog] over the past few days, which found that the moderators of some of Trump’s Reddit fan clubs rub elbows with neo-Nazis and white supremacists, among others.
Oh, wow—an “investigation”! Woodward and Bernstein live again (they’re both dead, right? I’ll check my sources).
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