Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Had Enough Therapy?: Angela's Army

It’s a gift that keeps on giving. It’s Angela Merkel’s gift to German women: hordes of refugees from the Middle East. At a time when the world is supposedly becoming more conscious of the prevalence of sexual violence against women, Angela’s Army is warring against women.

We all recall what happened in Cologne last New Year’s Eve. We also know that the police were instructed to cover up incidents of rape and sexual abuse because… we wouldn’t want Angela’s policies to look like a failure. We certainly wouldn’t want anyone to think that Angela does not care about women.

Nonetheless, the police did com[;ete a report on sexual violence in Cologne and Hamburg. Their report has been leaked. The Daily Mailhas the story:

A leaked report has revealed a staggering 1,200 were sexually abused in German cities during New Year's Eve celebrations.

The police document stated detectives believe 2,000 men were involved across various cities but that the bulk of the crimes were committed in Cologne and Hamburg where 600 and 400 sexual assaults on women were reported respectively. 

Of the 2,000 perpetrators, only 120 have been identified, and about half of them were foreign nationals who had only recently arrived in Germany. 

The report was published by German newspaper Sueddeutsche Zeitung, which revealed a huge upscale in the original estimate of 359 sexual assault victims back in January. By May, that figure had increased to 'up to 1,000', according to the authorities in Germany.

The horrendous scenes more than seven months ago have only resulted in four convictions, although more trials are underway. 

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