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Further Thoughts on the Jewish Question BY ADAM T.C. WALLACE

Ancient Israel
Almost a year to this day I wrote a brief article titled “My take on the Jewish Question” about the Jews as a group and the relation of Jewishness with civilisational decline. In that article nothing overly noteworthy was said, aside from the distinguishing of myself from the torrent of vulgar anti-Semitism which permeates a portion of the discourse in white nationalist spheres, et cetera. I made it clear — and I will make it moreso in the following article — that the definition of “Jewishness” which deserves attention is more a spiritual orientation than a phenotype, biological creature or even a “race” in the normal sense of the word.
The main inspiration for this approach to the question is the racial theory of late esotericistJulius EvolaMark Citadel, writing for Social Matterexposed this theory in excellent detail, and I have referenced it many times. Moreover, the late philosopher Otto Weininger — himself Jewish — aids us in understanding Jewishness as a spiritual archetype as he himself saw it in such terms. I have mentioned Otto Weininger before, or, rather, I treated him as a case-study courtesy of traditionalist Anthony Ludovici’s words about him, in my article about antinatalism earlier this year. There I laid-out a brief outline of the man’s character epitomised by his suicide as means of him “overcoming” his Jewish life — a mistake, I must add, which I will explain shortly — following very logically from his extremely pessimistic philosophy.
Weininger was amid the “Holy Damned Ones” Evola saw as his main inspirations (the others being Otto Braun and Carlo Michelstaedter — another Jewish man who committed suicide), meaning a man unequal to the strength of his thoughts. One needn’t look far into the philosophies of any of these men to see where they run parallel to Evola. Weininger, writing inSex and Character, claimed, quote;

Our age, which is not only the most Jewish, but also the most effeminate of all ages; the age in which the arts are only a rag for wiping its moods, and which attributes the artistic urge to animal games; the age of the most gullible anarchism; the age without a sense for the state and justice; the age of sexual ethics, the age of the most shallow of all historical methods (historical materialism); the age of capitalism and Marxism; the age in which history, life, and science are reduced to economics and technology.

One could easily mistake this as a quote from a man like Corneliu Codreanu or even Benito Mussolini. What is fascinating about a Jew like Weininger is his profoundly un-Jewish sensibility, something in life he tried to circumnavigate by converting to Christianity (Protestantism) among other things, which all ultimately proved futile. His suicide, however, being nearly the most honest and pure act he could ever achieve, is profoundly — as an act by itself — un-Jewish. Indeed, only Evola’s racial theory, which distinguishes between body, spirit and soul, can explain this phenomenon. A Jew with the soul of an Aryan, an Aryan with the soul of a Jew — such possibilities are found clearly manifest in our age of Kali Yuga. For why are most Westerns alive right now? Because they have nought to die for. An existence which equates to a kind of slumber, shuffling through life’s shopping malls and television screens, beholden to the basest instincts and their perpetual pleasing via money and nothing but money.
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