Monday, July 18, 2016

Blood & Steel — Toward The Neo-Spartan ‘Mechans’ of Eximius

Eugenic Ethnogenesis, Neo-Lycurgianism, Mechanization, C.E.L.S.S., Intelligent Extremophiles, Preservation of Knowledge.
Eximius is looking to create a new religion that will breed a new and very able ethnicity from it. Eximius means ‘super’ from the word ‘superorganism’, and aims to create a greater Living Whole; like the individual made from many cells, the Whole will be made from many individuals, they will be uniform and homogeneous.
The new ethnicity, to be called ‘Mechan’ will be derived from Mechanization, what is to be the next form of Civilization but whose genetic or biological foundation is strictly determined and whose burden is not placed on incompetent persons. Reproduction, the most important factor in biological existence, is treated less like an emotional whim, and more of an assembly line with a reproductive quota and gene-dispersal mechanisms of the highest quality to the lowest quality, ensuring greater uniformity of ability and traits. Thus, within a single generation, the Mechan will be bootstrapped into evolutionary success. The Mechanization will secondly, pioneer Controlled Ecological Life Support Systems, and food production (except under initial, unprepared conditions) will no longer be cultivated through primitive traditional agriculture, we are going to a whole new level of self-sustenance, where the air, water and all biogenic substances are revitalized in a closed-regenerative loop, thus allowing Mechan colonies to be established in the extreme environments of the earth, free of interference, free to develop the tools necessary to survive in the extremes, and set the stage for eventually colonies in space by perfecting the factors needed for its success. The primary application of this, however, will be on the Earth during and after abrupt climate change renders once habitable environments inhospitable to life as we know it. We are on the cusp of extinction, not just racially, but ecologically, our own situation parallels one of the darkest eras in earth’s natural history, the Permian-Triassic mass extinction where 95% of all life died due to CO2 forcing what is believed to have triggered methane hydrate and thermohaline collapse, resulting in a stagnant and swampy, purple-brown toxic earth with green skies and no UV protection; so individual fancies and desires are to be strictly repressed, it is unfathomable that selfish desires be placed before what is good for Life as a Whole.

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