Saturday, July 16, 2016

Black Cop, Drunk Jew, White City - Taki's Magazine

In my previous column, I mentioned, somewhat in passing, the importance of being aware of one’s own biases. While the average human can never truly be bias-free, and keeping in mind that some biases are less unfounded than others, it’s nevertheless helpful to be honest with ourselves about whatever biases we have. For me, as a child, I always identified with authority figures. As a young movie buff, I rooted for the cops to catch Bonnie and Clyde, I thought Dean Wormer was being way too lenient with the drunken statutory rapists who were bringing down the GPA at Faber, I would have been the first one to blackball disrespectful loudmouth Al Czervic from Bushwood, and c’mon, has anyone considered the effect on market stability and job creation should the Empire and its orderly rule be replaced by a group of desert-dwelling theocratic nerf herders?

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