Monday, July 18, 2016


The world has reached "Peak Democracy," with the result that we can expect to see it start collapsing any day soon. Those places where it is most likely to collapse include South America and parts of Asia, in both of which it has not really been a natural fit. Also, in certain countries, like Russia and Japan, it will continue simply because it doesn’t rock the boat too much or throw up important divisions, but elsewhere, where it does, it will face something of a reckoning. 

Turkey is a good example of the problems with democracy, and why this should have been ideal territory for a partial collapse of democracy. Like Venezuela with Chavas, Brazil with Lula, or Thaksin Shinawatra in Thailand, democracy in Turkey – forced on it by its proximity and economic dependence on Europe – has basically empowered the underclass, but rather than this expressing itself in more gibsmedats it has been channelled along the lines of the creeping Islamization of Turkish society, which reveals a little of Islam's utility as a control mechanism. 

But despite its usefulness in keeping the masses fulminating about trivialities, like how long a burka should be, it is also something that the old elites, who are more Europeanized, feel uncomfortable with.

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