Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Why Aren’t Disabled Athletes Paid The Same As Normal Female Athletes?

Women’s sport has more than a few problems. In addition to the pathetic wrangling of female athletes for “equal pay,” despite having separate gender-based fields that spare women from being embarrassed by superior male players, feminists do not mention how calls for equality completely ignore the grossly inferior remuneration given to disabled, mature-age, and even youth competitors. So, using feminist and SJW logic, in advocating for so-called women’s equality in sport, leftists and self-aggrandizing female athletes have condoned and perpetuated discrimination against the disabled, older people, and the young.
During the recently ended French Open, the able-bodied women’s events for this tennis tournament featured a total prize pool of €14,712,000 (ca. US$16,700,000), pretty much half of the nearly €31,000,000 handed out across all parts of the tournament. This was nearly 70 times higherthan the meager €217,000 given to wheelchair tennis players across both the male and female fields. But why? What happened to equal pay for equal work? If anyone seriously suggesting that wheelchair athletes do not work as hard as female able-bodied athletes?
Here’s the catch, though: able-bodied women will never support equal pay for disabled athletes. Because of the number of very high-profile global or semi-global sports, mixed in with swathes of internationally-recognized athletes, it could be said we have reached a dead-end for sport-related financial expansion. If not, then at the very least the rate of expansion is slowing. If wheelchair-bound and other disabled athletes start to get the attention of their able-bodied counterparts, the able-bodied women lose and will have to sacrifice much of their own ignominiously-acquired earnings. They clearly sensed this from the start, as they never called for “equal pay” for the disabled when they were demanding the same as the able-bodied men.
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