Tuesday, June 21, 2016

The Southern Baptist Convention Attempts to Create Another Hitler by Nathanael Strickland

This week marked the annual meeting of the Southern Baptist Convention, by far America’s single largest Protestant denomination.  At the meeting, the SBC passed Resolution 7condemning the display of the Confederate Battle Flag beyond basically that of a gravemarker and once again accusing their forefathers of imaginary sins.  This predictably caused outraged among those people, particularly white Southerners like me, who view the Confederate flag as part of our ethnic identity.
There are many points that could be made at length in response to this resolution: the irony of the SBC retaining their name after this, the case that the U.S. flag is far more evil than the Confederate flag by the standards of the resolution, the injustice of making it harder to minister to whites in order to make it easier to minister to blacks, the SBC’s plainly stating in that very resolution that they aren’t having trouble ministering to minorities, the application of this standard to any political symbol because it will always be offensive to someone, the transgression which this resolution makes against the fifth and ninth commandments, and so on.  But frankly I’m a bit tired of making those points over and over again every time something like this comes up.  Someone always pipes up asking what the big deal is, “it’s just a flag” or whatever.  And you know what, taken in isolation in the grand scheme of things, they’re not entirely wrong.  But these things never happen in isolation.
Over the past couple of years, white Southerners have faced a widespread and determined assault on our heritage, symbols, monuments, graves, and identity by secular and governmental forces.  At the exact time we needed the church to come up beside us and defend the right of every people to their heritage and symbols, they chose to twist the knife instead.  This combined with Resolution 12 calling for the third-world floodgates to be opened via the mass immigration of refugees and their defense of using SBC funds to build mosques in America forms a rather sinister overall picture.
Together these three form a three-pronged weaponization of Christianity against white people, particularly white Southerners.
  1. The wholesale ethnic replacement of white Americans in their own homeland
  2. The forcing of white Americans to fund their own dispossession
  3. The forbidding of white Americans from displaying political symbols used as rallying points against this dispossession
The fact that this program traces a path which is neither Christian, just, nor wise should be obvious, but, instead of endeavoring a point-by-point rebuttal of the resolutions, I think taking a step back and asking ourselves, “What lies at the end of this path upon which the modern American church has set us?” would prove to be more enlightening.
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