Wednesday, June 29, 2016

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The question of whether Britain should be in or out of the European Union might seem like a complex technical matter upon which people of goodwill might differ.
But nationalism is now the worst idea of all time, because Hitler. Lex at WWTDD notes:
Some portion of the American public is vexed about Brexit. Almost none of them understand the precise meaning of the vote…. If it weren’t for the catchy Brexit moniker, ninety percent of them wouldn’t have been tracking it. It’s always important to ask yourself, did I discover this issue through my One Direction Fan news feed?
The near universal response of the punditry to a majority of Brits voting to leave the E.U. has been so enraged that the average voter must have begun by now to notice that their furious elites just plain don’t like them. As a Bizarro World Sally Field might have exclaimed in wonder, “You hate us, you really hate us!”
The past week has been the mirror image of the Stale Pale Male taunting and touchdown dances that followed Obama’s reelection. Then, it was Democracy Rules (because we’ve imported millions of ringers). Now, it’s Democracy Sucks (because voters are stupid).
I’ve long been suggesting that it would be prudent for elites to moderate the policies under which they’ve flourished, such as by scaling back mass immigration. Open borders might make sense to individuals who see themselves as Randian supermen who could dominate anywhere. But the more humble or realistic might prefer a place to call home—“Home is where you don’t have to explainyourself.”
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