Saturday, June 18, 2016

“Fuck That Cracker, He’s a Racist!” BY ANN STERZINGER

If you think the behavior in the following video is OK in a democracy—or, even worse, if it gives you a visceral thrill of righteousness and justice served—then I hate to tell ya this, my friend, but you are the fucking brownshirt.

Look, it’s not like I would trust Donald Trump as far as I can throw him. That goofy birther debacle aside, I still can’t believe how many otherwise rational people, up to and including libertarians, are flinging their panties at a guy whose stated objective is to run the federal government.

But whether or not you like the man is beside the point. What’s Nazi-tastic about the documented violence against Trump supporters is that citizens (or not) are physically attacking other citizens for participating in the democratic process. They are attacking them for their ideas. They are using the excuse these thoughts are so “dangerous” they require vigilante justice. (Notice how many times the word “dangerous” has been used in this campaign? Most noticeably, it’s been used against Trump by a certain female whose favorite hobby is bombing the Middle East till the entire population thereof dumps itself into Sweden. Yeah, that doesn’t sound dangerous at all, Lucretia Borgia.)
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