Saturday, June 18, 2016

Czech FM On Muslim Immigration: Integration Has Failed by VIRGINIA HALE


The Czech foreign minister has slammed mass Muslim migration to Europe. Lubomir Zaorálek defended Eastern Europe’s hardline approach to the migrant crisis, pointed to Paris and declared: “Don’t tell us that integration has succeeded”.

In a wide ranging interview, Mr. Zaorálek said the Czechs feared Muslim migrants would create Islamised ghettos. The pro-Europe minister also slammed the “politicised” European Commission for “pouring oil on the fire” which is destabilising Europe.
Mr. Zaorálek said the Czech Republic accepted the migrant quota that the European Union (EU) imposed on them, but said the quotas are the “wrong approach”. Of those the country has taken so far, Mr. Zaorálek said many of them quickly left for Germany, which, the foreign minister says, poses questions.

He said: “It is an absolutely alien environment, they have no family, no infrastructure, nothing that could satisfy their religious needs.

“They had the feeling of being total strangers here. Now, if an automatic mechanism would specify that we should take 3,000 people per year, then the problem is not that we couldn’t take them, but what are they doing here?”
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