Saturday, May 7, 2016

On the Alternative Right and what it should do

The alternative right is a political-cultural movement made up of people who advocate a collage of ideas that stand in opposition to  the current liberal globalist order an order  which includes the controlled opposition of this order known in America as “Conservatism.”   The ideas expressed by the people who make up alt-right are mostly disseminated on the internet. This movement is mostly American but has definite influences into and out of Western and Eastern Europe.
The 4 main clusters in this collage of ideas are 1) White Nationalism, 2) Traditionalism, 3) The Manosphere, 4) Alternative News and Research (aka the conspiracy community).
1) White Nationalism: This cluster is made up of people who emphasize the racial and ethnic disorder in the Western world today.  They tend to be more secular and materialistic in their worldviews than the next cluster I will describe. This group sees the survival of White (i.e. European derived) humans as the critical issue of today.  Economic, religious, or political systems and/or issues all take a back seat to the issue of the genetic survival and amelioration of White humans, as well as the right of Whites to decide their own collective destines. This cluster tends to be technophiliac and sympathetic to WWII era fascist movements. The WN cluster tends to sees Jewry as the main opponent to White survival. The major websites that this author follows associated with the WN cluster are Radix Journal, American Renaissance, Counter Currents, Occidental Observer, The Right Stuff, Bob’s Underground Seminar, White GeNOcide Project, and Follow the White Rabbit.
2) Traditionalism: This cluster is made up of those who reject the ideas of classical liberalism, the enlightenment, cultural Marxism, and modernism. They include neoreactionaries (NRx), paleo conservatives, traditionalist Catholics, Orthodox Christians, and monarchists.  This group is sympathetic on issues of race with White nationalists, but sees the social-cultural order as being the most important issue. This cluster is more Christian than the WN node. They tend to favor hierarchy.  They would see a demographically White, but liberal nation-state as still being very problematic. This group tends to be less technophiliac than White Nationalists and tend to be generally unsympathetic to WWII era fascist regimes. This author follows this cluster less than the WN cluster but sites I would recommend are Alternative right, Outside-In, Unqualified Reservations, Alexander Dugin, The Thinking Housewife; I would also recommend the “Orthodox Nationalist” radio show archives as well as the work of Catholic writer E Michael Jones.
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