Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Jewish Homosexual Promoted as Superstar of Alt-Right

milo yiannopoulos photo
Excuse me for being old fashioned, but a white heterosexual ought to be the head of a white nationalist movement.
That said, it probably takes a “dangerous faggot” (college students love fags) to move white youth off of their suicidal course of self hatred.
The danger is that by embracing a homosexual Jew whose style is flirtatiously lighthearted that alt-right leaning youths will grow tired of the fun and move on.
We need a serious leader (Donald Trump? Almost!) to lead us. Jared Taylor is too uptight and Andrew Anglin is too “Nazi” for most people.
Matt Heimbach of Tradyouth comes to mind as offering a deeper experience than Milo. But Milo has the stage and he’s puncturing the bubble of political correctness. That’s not all bad.
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