Saturday, May 14, 2016

How Abortion And Birth Control Destroyed Traditional Families

Mother with new baby suffering from postpartum depression
Over the last several decades, the number of children being raised insingle parent homes has skyrocketed. While there is plenty of evidence to confirm that children are less likely to be abused and more likely to be successful when raised in a traditional two parent family, more children are living in single parent homes than ever before. This raises an interesting question: In an era of birth control and legal abortion, why are there more broken homes and children born to unwed mothers?

A Brief Visit To The Past

Suppose you entered a time machine and traveled to 1960. You start a conversation with a citizen and tell him you’re from the future. After his initial shock subsides, you tell him that in the 21st century, our cool black president will ensure birth control would be available to all young women, condoms will be freely available at clinics and high schools, and even if contraception fails, abortion is legal in all 50 states. You then ask him, “Do you think in the future there will be more unwanted pregnancies, more broken homes, and more children living in poverty, or fewer?” Imagine what this man might think.
Our friend from 1960 might be astounded to learn that the number of single parents have more than tripled as a share of American households over the last six decades. He might reasonably ask, “But if you have free birth control and legal abortion, why aren’t more people waiting or optimizing their plans so their children have two parents?”
Moreover, births to unmarried mothers and number of children in foster care have also risen. In 1960, the number of children living in foster care and institutions was approximately 200,000. In the 1990s it jumped to over half a million, and most recently it is still more than 400,000.
It may sound crass to ask this, but why did their parents not take advantage of the widely available options to prevent pregnancy? Some would argue that preventing the birth of a child in dire circumstances would be far more compassionate than allowing their child to be raised by multiple different foster families. Why did American families fall apartafter the rise of birth control and abortion?
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