Monday, April 25, 2016

Trump's Not Our Guy. It's Time to Stop Pretending Otherwise.

Since summer of last year, the alt-right has been in awe of Donald Trump’s presidential run, which has taken on both the left and the cuckservative elite. But is Donald Trump honest about his positions or does he simply “want the deal,” meaning he tells voters what they want to hear and he gets to sit in the Oval Office? Before you say to yourself, “He’s not Hitler 2.0, but he’ll do a lot of a good nonetheless,” and click off the article, let’s have a look at Trump’s political history and connections to get a clearer view of his character.
A cursory look at Trump’s past clearly shows that he is not a conservative, not in its legitimate patriotic sense nor in the modern cuckservative sense. Trump was a registered Democrat until 1987 when he switched to the Republican party and stayed there until 1999, at which point he joined Ross Perot’s populist Reform Party. Trump left the party in 2001 due to his distaste over the presence of White nationalist David Duke, communist Lenora Fulani, and paleoconservative Pat Buchanan. Obviously Trump lied over not knowing who David Duke was earlier this year. He was also particularly critical of Buchanan, stating...:
I really believe the Republicans are just too crazy right… Look, he's a Hitler lover…I guess he's an anti-Semite… He doesn't like the blacks. He doesn't like the gays… It's just incredible that anybody could embrace this guy. well as:
In spite of this, it’s possible that Trump’s views have shifted drastically in the past decade or so, particularly due to the election of Barack Obama, an event that woke up many White Americans for obvious reasons. But what evidence is there that Trump is any better on domestic racial issues than the average cuckservative? Trump has given mixed signals on H1B visas and there is apparently a recorded interview he did with (((The New York Times))) in which he stated that he was willing to relax his views regarding deportations upon being elected. Trump has so far refused to release the tape, a decision which should be cause for concern for anyone who’s supporting him for his stance on illegal immigration.

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