Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Civil Rights for the Transgendered

When did America cease to be a serious country? When did the world start looking down at us rather than up to us?

It may have been when the current president decided to prostrate himself before the rest of the world. But it might also have been when the nation got caught up in a debate about gendered restrooms. Our young generation might not be able to compete in math and language skills against their peers around the world but they will go to the barricades to ensure that Jim can pee in the ladies room.

The world is engaged by questions of Islamist terrorism, questions of mass migration, questions of nuclear proliferation,  questions about economic growth and foreign policy. America has gone into high dudgeon over gendered restrooms.

The state of North Carolina set off a firestorm by mandating that individuals were obliged to use restrooms that correlated with their at-birth gender. If you were born male and decide tomorrow that you are female or neither, you will still be obliged to use the male restroom. Apparently, this is an unspeakable indignity.

Most especially, the state has forbid local governments from passing laws that allow people to use the restroom most suitable to their self-selected gender.

The governor of New York, Andrew Cuomo is so offended by the North Carolina law that he has banned New York officials from traveling to the state on non-essential business. Washington and Vermont have done the same. Production companies have threatened to stop filming in the state.

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