Wednesday, March 9, 2016

The Decline and Fall of European Civilization

Of course, there is more to Western civilization than Europe. Still, Europe is one of two central loci of the civilization. If European culture collapses under a wave of Muslim immigrants, we in America will have a problem.

Writing in The Federalist, John Daniel Davidson (via Maggie’sFarm) reminds us of a prophetic 1973 novel by a Frenchman, Jean Raspail. It’s title, The Camp of the Saints.

In his book Raspail described how Europe was invaded and eventually transformed by an army of unarmed immigrants. They did not come to contribute. They did not come to work and achieve. They did not come to adapt to the local culture. They wanted to preserve their culture and to take what they did not earn.

Davidson describes the novel:

All of this calls to mind a 1973 novel by French writer Jean Raspail—The Camp of the Saints, an apocalyptic tale about the collapse of European civilization. Much of it could be lifted from the news coming out of Europe. In the book, one million impoverished Indians make their way by boat from the Ganges to the shores of southern France with no intention of adopting French ways; they come simply to claim for themselves what Europeans have and they do not.

Why do the Europeans accept this cultural colonization. The reason is: Western guilt. It presents itself as compassionate feelings for the world’s downtrodden and tells us that we are responsible for their failures and that we owe them recompense.

Didn’t Bernie Sanders proclaim yesterday that we have a right to health care because we are human beings? A noble sentiment, no doubt, but the question was really about the constitution? Where in the constitution, Bret Baier should have asked, does it say that we have a right to health care?

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