Wednesday, March 9, 2016

John Craig evaluates Trump and, I think, gets it just right

Those of us who try to be discerning are aware that liking a politician and supporting a politician can be entirely different things. True, if you dislike a given guy, chances are you dislike him at least partially because of his policies and/or qualifications, so that makes it unlikely that you'd support him by voting for him. And it works the other way — your approval of a given person's policies and abilities makes you at least tend to like him.

But not always. There are exceptions. A good example is Ben Carson. He's very hard not to like, because he seems like such a nice, decent, polite guy, and that's very likely true. But you could very easily dislike his intentions and attitudes towards issues, and would never vote for him. There have been politicians that I like, and would probably like very much if I knew them personally, but for whom I'd never vote, because I disagree with so much of what they believe. I'd put Hubert Humphrey and Harry Truman in that category.

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