Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Cuckservatives: The Race-Obsessed Left Created The Alt-Right

Having read the National Review article, I must say that David French is partially correctthat the racially conscious, politically correct Left – where the notion that “all lives matter” has become a point of contention – is responsible for the rise of the Alt-Right. Look no further than today’s news that the new anti-White snuff film The Birth of a Nation is getting rave reviews at the Sundance Film Festival.
I don’t even have to point out how hysterical the reaction from the Left would be if some Hollywood studio ever made a remake of D.W. Griffith’s original The Birth of a Nation which celebrated the actions of the Ku Klux Klan during Reconstruction. For obvious reasons, such a movie would never be made, or if it was in a hypothetical scenario, the unanimous and deafening cry of “racism” and “white supremacy” would be heard from every leftwing newspaper and media outlet in the land.
We’ve reached a point in American history where the cultural mainstream has become so viciously anti-White that Hollywood is now making movies that explicitly celebrate the death of White people, particularly Southerners, as a kind of release or salve for racially aggrieved blacks. Defiling Confederate monuments to appease the aforesaid perpetually aggrieved blacks is also all the rage these days. It’s a big deal when, say, the blacks as a racial group are slighted for failing to be nominated for the Oscars in 2016, even though12 Years a Slave won best picture in 2014.
The unbridled racially conscious, politically correct Left has become so repulsive to the White working class for a thousand reasons that the Democratic Party is no even longer given a hearing. Even though I agree with Bernie Sanders on a number of issues, I would never consider voting for him.
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