Thursday, January 21, 2016

An African Planet? Part II by Dan Roodt

Africa could collapse into Malthusian catastrophe.
In the first part of this essay, I cited forecasts by UN demographers who predict that there will be more than four billion Africans by the end of this century. Such a colossal population increase could result in a huge exodus of Africans from the continent. I noted that Africans are already colonizing–not yet politically and militarily but demographically–the richer parts of the globe, whose resources and “instant wealth” they covet. I wrote about what we can expect from this large, hungry population as it spreads to developed countries. Islam and the political capitulation of whites are part of the drive into Europe, but African overpopulation and poverty are what most fuel migration.
Black Africans are the first group in history who could take control of other continents, not through military or technological prowess, but through demography alone. Since the end of the Second World War, the European and American doctrine of “self-determination” has enabled a disparate collection of African states to come into being. Those states–many of which cannot even pay their own bureaucrats without billions of dollars in “development aid”–are in the midst of a population explosion that is changing the world in our lifetime.
Racially aware South African whites use the word “locust” (sprinkaan in Afrikaans) as a term for blacks. At the risk of stooping to such “hate speech,” one could compare several billion hungry Africans migrating to Europe and North America to a swarm of locusts consuming everything in their path. This is the “politics of the belly” of which the French expert on Africa Jean-François Bayart writes.
In this second part of my essay, I would like to examine another possible outcome, a different African “planet” from the previous one. Several factors could halt the rise of Africa. Epidemics and an inability to master modern commercial farming could result in demographic collapse. This could also be accompanied by an ideological revolution among whites who begin to see an increasingly African planet as a threat to their own survival.
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