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German politician Gregor Gysi calls native Germans “Nazis” and their extinction “fortunate”

We’d better start feeling confident identifying as White and start taking actions to ensure that our unique group interests are advanced – or die.

Gregor Gysi is the leader of “The Left” party, which is currently the third biggest party in Germany. The party formed from parts of the Socialist Unity Part of Germany before the reunification.
In 2013 they achieved almost 4 million votes, or 8.6% of all votes.
Germany currently has the lowest birth rate of the world, ranking in at 0.9 to 1.1 for the native population. This means Germans are likely to be extinct by 2100.
In this video, released on his Facebook page regarding the protest “Live better without the Nazis” he tells Germans they are responsible for the refugee’s well-being “because of their history between 1933-1945.” He goes on to urge other European countries to accept more refugees and make immigration and asylum easier. Germany is expected to take in 500,000 “refugees” this year, although this number will likely rise.
Finally, he calls all the native Germans “Nazis,” ridicules them for having a birthrate below replacement level and is visibly happy about their extinction as he seems to have trouble suppressing his smile and joy.

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Who Raped Two Million German Women After WWII? — Email exchanges between Lasha Darkmoon and a Russian correspondent

I have a Russian correspondent who keeps writing me “angry” emails and ticking me off for my alleged “Russophobia” and my negative attitude toward Stalin. He is a Stalin apologist and does not like to hear a word of criticism against the Man of Steel. His name is Alexander  M. (Is that him on the left? I don’t know. Could be.) 
When I say “angry” emails, I am overstating the case. Alexander is an extremely well-informed Russian and all his emails exhibit an affable sense of humor as well as total sincerity. He has never antagonized me or been rude to me in any way. So I like him quite a lot. I can’t take offense at polite and good-humored antagonists who simply point out my errors.
Alexander is hostile to Thomas Goodrich. Why? Because Goodrich’s book “Hellstorm” gives meticulous details about the rape and torture of German women. Two million of them. And who are responsible for most of these horrendous rapes? The common consensus is: Russian soldiers in Stalin’s Red Army.
Though American and British soldiers (and to a lesser extent French soldiers) were also involved in the horrific rape and torture of innocent Germans, it is indisputable that the overwhelming majority of these war crimes were committed by Stalin’s Red Army. This has been carefully documented not only by Goodrich but by a host of other reputable WWII historians.

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The Conscience of a Cuckservative Greg Johnson


In the United States, the center-Left Democratic Party is a coalition of white liberals, non-whites, sexual minorities, religious dissenters, and environmentalists, in which the organized Jewish community is the senior partner.

All of these groups want a larger, more intrusive, more profligate government to insure the inclusion and upward mobility of previously marginalized groups: women, non-whites, homosexuals, trannies, snail darters, etc.

The center-Right Republican Party is far less diverse: 90% of its votes come from white people — disproportionately male, conservative, straight, family-oriented, and Christian white people. The Democrats are increasingly the party of the underclass and the super-rich. The Republicans are increasingly the party of the middle class. Republican voters typically want a smaller, less-intrusive, fiscally responsible government that leaves them the freedom to raise their families, produce wealth, and carry forward a nation and way of life that their ancestors created and that suits them just fine.

The Republicans are the party of the people who built and sustain America. If every Democratic voter dropped dead, we would lose 10% of our most creative people and 90% of our craziest, crookedest, and most destructive. The result would be a slightly boring but highly productive, orderly, and happy society — Switzerland on a continental scale.

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A Special Evening with Ann Coulter — 7/16/15

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Trump's Got A Trump Card

THE CUCKENING by Gregory Hood

The Cuckening
At CPAC, I once overheard the late Andrew Breitbart marvel in front of some of his groupies how progressives would think nothing of calling someone a “homophobe” and a “faggot” within the same sentence. “The inversion of values” is key to the leftist vision of morality. A “badass” and strong woman is one who complains the world isn't fair enough. A man who isn't a feminist is “afraid” and therefore weak, as are Whites who don't want to hand away their countries to other peoples. Men who are aggressive and physically strong are actually “delicate” and acting out of fears of inferiority.
Despite being published at American Renaissance, my article “ What is a Cuckservative?” didn't mention “cuckolding” as a racial phenomenon but as a general psychological problem. More importantly, the figure generally credited with benefiting from the American Right's impatience with the “cuckservatives” in Conservatism Inc. is Donald Trump. However, Donald “I love Latinos” Trump shows no signs of White racial consciousness, a staunch position on immigration, or even especially “right-wing” beliefs. He simply doesn't apologize every time he opens his mouth, and this alone has driven the controlled media insane with rage.
Nonetheless, Jeet Heer at The New Republic thinks he's got the alt-right pegged (no pun intended) because the term “Cuckservatives” pushes “psycho-sexual” buttons about race. He writes:
Racism and sexism have always been connected, with one of the prime justifications for racial hierarchy being the supposed need to protect white women from black men and also, more implicitly, to keep black women sexually submissive to white men. A cuckservative thus conjures up one of the supreme nightmares of the white supremacist imagination, the fear that white men will assume a submissive role (or position) in the sexual hierarchy.

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Decline Of The East? The Chinese Say No. By DAVID GOLDMAN

Beijing is Brobdingnag peopled by Lilliputians. The superhuman scale of its buildings and public spaces, starting with the Great Hall of the People abutting Tiananmen Square, is calculated to overwhelm rather than uplift. Its main urban arteries are freeways that pedestrians can traverse only by bridge, with businesses displaced onto access roads. People dress to blend in, not to stand out. The surface impression reinforces every Western prejudice about conformist, colourless China. But the first impression is woefully wrong.
The real China is found in families. The most salient social fact about China is the resilience of family ties. During the past 35 years, 500 million Chinese have moved from countryside to city, the near equivalent of the whole population of Europe from the Urals to the Atlantic. To house them, China has built the equivalent of a new Europe — a new Naples, Amsterdam, Barcelona, Kiev, Lyon and so forth. Chinese families are flung across the world’s second-largest country by surface area. But during the great internal migration around the week-long Lunar New Year holiday, the Chinese undertake an estimated 3.6 billion journeys, many lasting for days, to reach an annual family reunion. In public the Chinese may be cautious and reserved, but among family they are unrestrained, even raucous.  

One of China’s great mysteries stems from the great wall between public and private life: no one knows how many Chinese there are, and estimates by competent academics differ by hundreds of millions. Families, especially those in rural areas, flouted the one-child policy introduced in 1980, lying to local party officials, who in turn lied to the central government. Despite the Communist Party’s ruthless efforts to suppress population growth, China’s families offered resistance on a scale that distorts the country’s demographic data. The most common estimate for China’s fertility rate is 1.6 births per woman, but credible estimates range from 1.3 births up to 2.2 births, higher than in any industrial country except Israel.

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Mike Cuckabee - To the Ovens!

Camille Paglia takes on Jon Stewart, Trump, Sanders: “Liberals think of themselves as very open-minded, but that’s simply not true!”

Camille Paglia takes on Jon Stewart, Trump, Sanders: "Liberals think of themselves as very open-minded, but that’s simply not true!"
In part one of our three-day conversation with Camille Paglia, the brilliant cultural critic talked Bill Cosby, Bill Clinton and the odd, persistent return of ’90s political correctness. Today she takes on even hotter-button topics: Religion and atheism, Jon Stewart’s “Daily Show” legacy, liberals and Fox News, and presidential candidates Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders.
You’re an atheist, and yet I don’t ever see you sneer at religion in the way that the very aggressive atheist class right now often will. What do you make of Richard Dawkins, Sam Harris, Christopher Hitchens and the religion critics who seem not to have respect for religions for faith?
I regard them as adolescents. I say in the introduction to my last book, “Glittering Images”, that “Sneering at religion is juvenile, symptomatic of a stunted imagination.”  It exposes a state of perpetual adolescence that has something to do with their parents– they’re still sneering at dad in some way. Richard Dawkins was the only high-profile atheist out there when I began publicly saying “I am an atheist,” on my book tours in the early 1990s. I started the fad for it in the U.S, because all of a sudden people, including leftist journalists, started coming out of the closet to publicly claim their atheist identities, which they weren’t bold enough to do before. But the point is that I felt it was perfectly legitimate for me to do that because of my great respect for religion in general–from the iconography to the sacred architecture and so forth. I was arguing that religion should be put at the center of any kind of multicultural curriculum.
I’m speaking here as an atheist. I don’t believe there is a God, but I respect every religion deeply. All the great world religions contain a complex system of beliefs regarding the nature of the universe and human life that is far more profound than anything that liberalism has produced. We have a whole generation of young people who are clinging to politics and to politicized visions of sexuality for their belief system.  They see nothing but politics, but politics is tiny.  Politics applies only to society. There is a huge metaphysical realm out there that involves the eternal principles of life and death. The great tragic texts, including the plays of Aeschylus and Sophocles, no longer have the central status they once had in education, because we have steadily moved away from the heritage of western civilization.
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Planned Parenthood Pressures Media Not to Show Third Video

Planned Parenthood desperately wants to keep the truth invisible to the public.
A third video was published yesterday, again providing evidence that Planned Parenthood traffics in harvested organs from aborted babies.
Live Action News warns that the video disturbing:

So what is Planned Parenthood doing in response?
They are trying to get the News media to not broadcast footage from the video. The Truth Revolt got hold of one of their letters to a TV station in their post, “Planned Parenthood Tries To Silence Undercover Videos By Sending Threatening Letters To TV Stations.” They claim that the footage is illegal and thus it is illegal to air it. Even if the video was illegal (which I doubt), that does not change the fact that, under the First Amendment, the media cannot be stopped from publishing real news. Basically, Planned Parenthood is pretending that they are a government lacking a First Amendment. They have the right to stop the press from paying attention to whistle-blowers.

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The First Rule of White Club by Steve Sailer

I have found that, in the African-American oral tradition, if the words are enunciated eloquently enough, no one examines the meaning for definitive truth.
—Biracial novelist Mat Johnson, Loving Day, 2015
America’s foremost public intellectual, Ta-Nehisi Coates, has published a new best-selling minibook, Between the World and Me, that’s interesting for what it reveals about a forbidden subject: the psychological damage done by pervasive black violence to soft, sensitive, bookish souls such as Coates. The Atlantic writer’s black radical parents forced the frightened child to grow up in Baltimore’s black community, where he lived in constant terror of the other boys. Any white person who wrote as intensely about how blacks scared him would be career-crucified out of his job, so it’s striking to read Coates recounting at length how horrible it is to live around poor blacks if you are a timid, retiring sort.
Coates’ lack of physical courage is a common and perfectly reasonable trait, although writers typically cover it up. For example, Hunter S. Thompson transmuted his recurrent paranoia about impending carnage (which beset him even in venues as family-friendly as the Circus-Circus casino) into hallucinatory comedy in Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas.
Coates, however, is humorless. Worse, his fans have encouraged him to believe he is the second coming of James Baldwin, egging him on to indulge in a prophetic-hysteric-postmodern style that is easier to parody (e.g., just repeat endlessly the phrase “black bodies” and the distractingly stupid formulation “people who believe they are white”) than it is to endure over even the course of Coates’ very short second autobiography. (As with the president, both of Coates’ books are memoirs.)
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3-Year-Old London Child Deemed “Extremist” and Placed in Government Reeducation Program

Screen Shot 2015-07-27 at 11.41.56 AM
The United Kingdom has gone batshit crazy. There’s simply no other way to put it. I warned about Britain’s “war on toddler terrorists” earlier this year in the post: The War on Toddler Terrorists – Britain Wants to Force Nursery School Teachers to Identify “Extremist” Children. Here’s an excerpt:
Nursery school staff and registered childminders must report toddlers at risk of becoming terrorists, under counter-terrorism measures proposed by the Government.
The directive is contained in a 39-page consultation document issued by the Home Office in a bid to bolster its Prevent anti-terrorism plan.
The document accompanies the Counter-Terrorism and Security Bill, currently before parliament. It identifies nurseries and early years childcare providers, along with schools and universities, as having a duty “to prevent people being drawn into terrorism”.
Never fear good citizens of Great Britain. While your government actively does everything in its power to protect criminal financial oligarchs and powerful pedophiles, her majesty draws the line at toddler thought crime. We learn from the Independent:
A three-year-old child from London is one of hundreds of young people in the capital who have been tipped as potential future radicals and extremists. 
As reported by the Evening Standard, 1,069 people have been put in the government’s anti-extremism ‘Channel’ process, the de-radicalization program at the heart of the Government’s ‘Prevent’ strategy.
The three-year-old in the program is from the borough of Tower Hamlets, and was a member of a family group that had been showing suspect behavior.
Since September 2014, 400 under 18s, including teenagers and children, have been referred to the scheme. 
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Alarming rise in Russian military plane accidents

Alarming rise in Russian military plane accidents

Version 1: Old equipment

Experts often wonder about the age of a plane that crashed. It is no secret that Russia continues to operate equipment left over from the Soviet Union. Machines that are in use now were made in the 1970s.
The only relatively new plane that was involved in a recent accident is the Su-34, which has been produced since 2006.  The MiG-29 came into production before the 1990s, the last Tu-95 was manufactured in 1992 and the Su-24M was built in 1993.
But age is not a critical factor in aviation. The condition of an aircraft depends exclusively on the quality of its maintenance and repair.

Version 2: Improper use and maintenance

Most flight accidents are caused on account of engine troubles. Russian company United Engine Corporation (UEC) is responsible for the manufacturing and repair of engines. UEC head Vladislav Maslov said that the Ministry of Defense has no claims against the company. He added that the amount of repair orders from the ministry is growing. “In 2015, we repaired six times more engines than in 2013,” Masalov said.
“For a long time, the Russian defense industry has been losing human resources and been deprived of government funding, so that does not aid performance,” Major-General Pavel Zolotarev, Deputy Director of the Institute of USA and Canada, said. He believes that counterfeit parts may be the cause of the accidents.

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The Man (You've Never Heard of) Who Tried To Kill Hitler

What a lot of twaddle we have had to read and listen to about a silly, meaningless film of Royal children giving the Hitler salute. Our understanding of the Hitler era, and of the war that followed, actually seems to get poorer as the years go by.  The left-wing fantasy that the British upper classes were in some way Nazi sympathisers is somehow inescapable. No doubt a few boobies were initially taken in. Many others saw something admirable about the German revival, failing to notice, or hiding from themselves, the evil aspects of National Socialism. But the numbers who remained pro-German once war was certain were tiny. I am not sure this could be said of Soviet sympathisers (see below), who opposed the war against Hitler until 1941.

Many open-minded British people in the 1920s, including the (then) Communist sympathiser Graham Greene, thought Germany had been harshly and unjustly treated at Versailles. Winston Churchill famously had a few good words to say about the early years of Hitler as a national leader and a reviver of his country. Personally, I like to think (though I cannot know)  that I would have realised from the first what sort of person Hitler was. I think it would probably have been quite difficult to do.  

What is fashionable now was of course unfashionable then. This is a thought that one needs to retain in one’s mind when considering Atticus Finch in ‘To Kill a Mockingbird’. When it was fashionable to be racially bigoted and to ignore justice for that reason, Finch courageously resisted fashion. Now that it is fashionable to be unbigoted, Finch is somehow reclassified as a bigot, by people who might well have accepted the nasty conventional wisdom of 1935, had they been there at the time. The orthodox are always orthodox, whatever the orthodoxy is.

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Donald Trump and the Fed-up Crowd by Victor Davis Hanson

Donald Trump — a former liberal and benefactor of Democrats — is still surging. But his loud New York lingo, popular put-downs of obnoxious reporters and trashing of the D.C. establishment are symptoms, not the catalyst, of the growing popular outrage of lots of angry Americans who are fed up.
The fed-up crowd likes the payback of watching blood sport in an arena where niceties just don’t apply anymore. At least for a while longer, they enjoy the smug getting their comeuppance, as an uncouth, bullheaded Trump charges about, snorting and spearing liberal pieties and more sober and judicious Republicans at random.
Perhaps they don’t see the abjectly crude Trump as any more crude that Barack Obama calmly in academic tones assuring Americans that they all could keep their doctors and health plans when he knew that was simply untrue or announcing to the nation that his own grandmother was a “typical white person” or advising supporters to “get in their face.”  They see Trump as no more vindictive that Harry Reid lying about Mitt Romney’s tax returns (and then bragging that such a lie helped defeat him), or a Sen. Barbara Boxer publicly attac­­king the single, non-parental status of then-Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice. And they certainly don’t see Trump as uncouth as an Al Sharpton — former presidential candidate, chief advisor on matters of race to Barack Obama, and current TV news show host. Trump’s crass bombast is enjoyed by the fed-up crowd as the proper antidote to the even greater bombast of the Left, who created Trump’s latest manifestations.
The conservative base is tired of illegal immigration. Their furor peaked with the horrific killing of Kate Steinle by a seven-time convicted felon and five-time deported illegal alien.  They are baffled that one apparently exempt and privileged ethnic group can arbitrarily decide to ignore federal law. They are irate that they are lectured about their supposed racism from an open-borders movement predicated on La Raza-like ethnic chauvinism. They do not want to hear about nativism from a lobby that so often at rallies waves the flag of the country that none of the protestors seems to wish to return to, a country whose authoritarianism is romanticized as much as their host country is faulted for its magnanimity. Call this what you will, but emotion over neglecting federal law is much less worrisome than cool calculation over violating it.
The fed-up crowd expects statistics to be massaged to counter reality; in the real world nearly a million illegal aliens have committed crimes, with almost 700,000 charged with felonies and serious misdemeanors. In fantasyland, they are said to be more lawful than U.S. citizens. Most Americans would be guilty of felonies for creating false identities, or using fraudulent Social Security numbers; in matters of illegal immigration, these common crimes are not even considered crimes.
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Only In A Crisis Will A Great Leader Emerge

  The current batch of presidential candidates leaves me feeling nothing. I don’t feel inspired by any of them. I don’t feel interested in any of them. All I feel is…nothing, a generalized emptiness that edges into contempt.
You may feel the same way. When it comes to politics, disappointment is now so routine that we simply take it for granted. None of the candidates has anything positive to offer. All they are offering is a continuation of the same tired old policies.
It goes almost without saying that the mainstream Democrat and Republican candidates are two names with almost no distinction. Both of these parties long ago were bought out by big money and corporate interests, and ceased to care about the plight of the average man in America. Yes, of course, they pay lip service to the Old Ideal, and they are great readers of idealistic speeches on the teleprompter, but in the end they will do little to upset the status quo.

Enter the entertainer

One current maverick has generated some hype, which I suppose has the merit of offering some entertainment and excitement. Donald Trump has crashed the party and has been pissing in the punchbowl, and the establishment candidates don’t quite know how to respond.
But in the end, it is difficult to see Trump as anything more than a consummate showman, a carnival barker who functions as a North American version of Italy’s bunga-bunga tycoon Silvio Berlusconi. Trump likes to spout off at the mouth, to talk about how rich and successful he is, and to rip into the arrogant establishment marionettes like John McCain and Hillary Clinton. And they do deserve every bit of scorn that Trump pours on.

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Will Jews Kill Iran Deal?

LOL. Badge of Honor: Banned from Boston University

Civil Wars everywhere in politics.

Tia Oso
At the “Netroots Nation Conference, while an illegal alien was interviewing Martin O’Malley, a Democrat candidate for president, the stage was invaded by a black convicted felon (embezzlement) named Tia Oso who protested when O’Malley said “All lives matter.”
Chanting, “What side are you on, my people, what side are you on?” and “Black lives matter,” the demonstrators moved to the front of the ballroom about 20 minutes into the event as Mr. O’Malley discussed proposed changes to Social Security. They remained there, heckling the candidates and posing questions, until organizers shut down the event, one of the centerpieces of the annual Netroots Nation conference.
The Democrats are going to have serious problems with the black activist movement.
The black radicals even plan to dig up the remains of General Nathan Bedford Forrest and his wife, law or no law. This sort of lunatic behavior is going to discredit this stuff pretty soon.
Connecticut state Democrats voted Wednesday to remove the names of former presidents Thomas Jefferson and Andrew Jackson from their annual fundraising dinner, reportedly because of their ties to slavery.
According to the Hartford Courant, it only took two minutes for the Connecticut Democrat State Central Committee to unanimously pass a resolution stripping both names from the title of the Jefferson-Jackson-Bailey Dinner.
Party Chairman Nick Balletto proposed the change. He told the Daily Caller the decision, which apparently came under pressure from the NAACP, was about party identity.
Yup, the lunacy continues.
Richard Fernandez, as usual, has good insight into what this means.
The rich white guys want gay marriage, environmental zoning, immigration, crony capitalism and arugula. Trouble is, if you give these things to the white liberals, it will starve and disgust the black base. The conflict is illustrated in the a quote cited the Washington Post article.
“We’re going to transform the economics in America so that we create millions of decent-paying jobs,” said Sanders in the clip. “We’re going to make tuition at public colleges free.”
“Jobs and college don’t stop the police from killing me!” said a woman in the crowd, audible in the room but not on official videos of the event. “Jobs and college don’t stop the police from killing me!”
The Big Tent was collection of naturally antipathetic interest groups held together by the prospect of other people’s money.

The Democrats are playing a zero sum game. “Eventually you run out of other people’s money.”

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Cuckservatism: Response to Ace

Ace is one of the original edgy libertarians. He recently discovered the trending #cuckservative hashtag on Twitter and wrote up this response. It is fairly uninformed and misses the mark. But since Ace is a serious blogger, I thought he deserved a serious response. The most important thing is to define a cuckservative.
The Definition
cuckservative is a self-styled "conservative" who will cravenly sell out and undermine his home country's people, culture, and national interest in order to win approval with parties hostile or indifferent to them.
The Platonic form of the cuckservative is the UK's David Cameron, who famously proclaimed that it is England that needs to adapt to Islam and not the other way around. A cuckold is a perfect metaphor for this mewling, loathsome stain of a man.
It's not just one thing. It's not just McConnell selling out his base to lap up donations from Ex-Im Bank beneficiaries. It's not just ¡Jeb! brazenly declaring that the Americans need to be replaced by Mexico because they're a more moral and noble people than us. It's not just Sean Hannity defending Israeli spies. It's not just George W Bush throwing hard-earned American treasure at the HIV-infested toilet of Africa. It's not just Rand Paul's stated desire to return the franchise to millions of black felons who will overwhelmingly use it to vote for more gibsmedat funded by whites.
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Capital exodus from China reaches $800bn as crisis deepens

By the time police were alerted to the operation some 200 people, mostly small business owners, had left deposits of between 100,000 yuan and 20 million yuan
China is engineering yet another mini-boom. Credit is picking up again. The Communist Party has helpfully outlawed falling equity prices.
Economic growth will almost certainly accelerate over the next few months, giving global commodity markets a brief reprieve.
Yet the underlying picture in China is going from bad to worse. Robin Brooks at Goldman Sachs estimates that capital outflows topped $224bn in the second quarter, a level "beyond anything seen historically".
The Chinese central bank (PBOC) is being forced to run down the country's foreign reserves to defend the yuan. This intervention is becoming chronic. The volume is rising. Mr Brooks calculates that the authorities sold $48bn of bonds between March and June.
Charles Dumas at Lombard Street Research says capital outflows - when will we start calling it capital flight? - have reached $800bn over the past year. These are frighteningly large sums of money.
China's bond sales automatically entail monetary tightening. What we are seeing is the mirror image of the boom years, when the PBOC was accumulating $4 trillion of reserves in order to hold down the yuan, adding extra stimulus to an economy that was already overheating.
The squeeze earlier this year came at the worst moment, just as the country was struggling to emerge from recession. I use the term recession advisedly. Looking back, we may conclude that the world economy came within a whisker of stalling in the first half of 2015.

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How to Hire Better Cops by Steve Sailer

With the Democratic presidential candidates Bernie Sanders and Martin O’Malley being shouted down at a progressive convention for not abasing themselves fully enough to a Black Lives Matter rent-a-mob, it’s worth taking a look at what some cities could quite feasibly do to hire better policemen.
While it’s amusing to watch the Democrats’ Coalition of the Fringes come unraveled over a pseudo-epidemic of police violence against black bodies, we shouldn’t ignore the basic blocking and tackling necessary to have good government. We could all use better policing. And to get that, we need to understand how political correctness about race has made many cities too stupid to hire their best applicants, even just among their white job-seekers.
One of the most blatant lessons of the past generation is that selection often matters more than treatment. Harvard, for instance, isn’t Harvard because it takes in random high school students and smartens them up into Goldman Sachs rocket scientists. No, Harvard remains Harvard because it has invested heavily since before WWII in researching how to find the applicants likely to make the most money (and give some of it to Harvard).
Like Harvard, police departments get far more applicants than they have openings. (The ratio in the 1990s was 10 to 1.) So they could hire well, if they cared to.
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Obama Admin Plans More Executive Action on Immigration

A group of illegal immigrants listen to a Border Patrol agent while being deported to Mexico at the Nogales Port of Entry in Nogales, Ariz.

Proposed rule expands number of illegal immigrants allowed to stay in country

The Obama administration is moving forward with plans to expand a waiver program that will allow additional illegal aliens to remain in the country rather than apply for legal status from abroad.
The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) issued a proposed rule on Tuesday that would make changes to a waiver program created by President Barack Obama’s executive action on immigration in 2013. The action created a waiver that primarily allowed illegal immigrants with a U.S. citizen spouse or parent to stay in the country instead of having to leave the United States and be barred from returning for three or 10 years, if they proved their absence would create an “extreme hardship” for their spouse.
The new rule expands eligibility to a host of other categories of illegal immigrants beyond those with citizen spouses and parents.
“DHS proposes to expand the class of aliens who may be eligible for a provisional waiver beyond immediate relatives of U.S. citizens to aliens in all statutorily eligible immigrant visa categories,” the proposed rule stated. “Such aliens include family-sponsored immigrants, employment-based immigrants, certain special immigrants, and Diversity Visa program selectees, together with their derivative spouses and children.”

Is the Iran Nukes Deal Aimed at Crushing Putin? by MIKE WHITNEY


“The European Union is quietly increasing the urgency of a plan to import natural gas from Iran as relations with Tehran thaw (and) those with top gas supplier Russia grow colder.”
The Iran nuclear agreement has less to do with proliferation than it does with geopolitics. The reason Obama wants to ease sanctions on Iran is because he wants to push down oil prices while creating an alternate source of natural gas for Europe. In other words, the real objective here is to hurt Russia which is currently at the top of Washington’s Enemies List. Keith Jones at the World Socialist Web Site explains what’s going on in an article titled “Obama promotes historic nuclear deal with Iran”. Here’s an excerpt:
“If Obama made haste to promote the deal with Tehran, it is because it represents a major tactical shift on the part of US imperialism—one that is being opposed by significant sections of the US political and military-intelligence establishments, as well as by longstanding US client states in the Middle East, first and foremost Israel and Saudi Arabia.
Behind this shift lies a series of strategic calculations, bound up with the aggressive actions of the Obama administration around the world to assert US global hegemony.
The most important of these calculations are, (1) that US imperialism’s conflict with Tehran must be subordinated to its drive to strategically isolate Russia and China and prepare for war against one or both states, which the US ruling elite views as the main obstacles to its global domination, and (2) that Iran’s crisis-ridden bourgeois regime can be harnessed to serve US strategic interests.”
(“Obama promotes “historic” nuclear deal with Iran“, Keith Jones, World Socialist Web Site)
Bingo. Obama isn’t easing sanctions because he thinks it “will prevent Iran from obtaining a nuclear weapon”. That’s baloney. What he’s trying to do is replace Russian gas with Iranian gas in order to hurt Russia. He wants to steal Moscow’s best customer, slash its revenues, weaken it economically, and push NATO further eastward hoping to foment regime change in the capital.

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Monday, July 20, 2015

TimesTalks: Michael Caine: Five Favorite Films | The New York Times


Oprah Winfrey Got Her Wish: John Hester, a 68-year-old white male, is dead; Seven Blacks Arrested in his Execution

John Hester.

A 68-year-old white male.

A citizen of the great state of Georgia.

A proud member of the Moultrie community.




A victim of a "home invasion gone wrong."

Oprah Winfrey would be proud, as he was obviously a member of that generation of white people she believes must die before a more perfect union can be created; Barack Obama would be proud, because his administration's belief that those citizens collecting social security shouldn't be allowed to own a gun (to protect themselves from "home invasions gone wrong") has, in this story, shown its true objective. 

John Hester was a 68-year-old white male, who lived in Moultrie, Georgia, and his white privilege finally ran out.

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The Guy Who Got Caught

There’s always been something suspicious . . . something very feminine, as well . . . about conservatives’ gushing worship of the U.S. military and anyone who’s “served.” Should we really be grateful to the U.S. military for anything? Do we really owe our “freedom” to those Americans who murdered countless Vietnamese, Serbians, and Iraqis for justifications that few can now recall?
About the most positive emotion I can summon for U.S. soldiers is that I feel sorry for them, sorry for the fact that they’ve wasted their lives and that so many remain deluded about the true nature of the American military and the state whose interests it advances.
Donald Trump’s recent comments about John McCain and the nature of war heroism were thus revelatory, and in ways that haven’t been appreciated during the media firestorm of the past few days.

Trump is “divisive” in that he forces his opponents and rivals to take sides. In this case, he demonstrated that the other GOP candidates are interchangeable cowards and conformists. As an added bonus, he associated them all with an unpopular failed presidential candidate and immigration enthusiast.
More important, Trump’s comments also raised the specter of whether there’s much truth to McCain’s famous “captivity narrative” at all.

Is Anyone Still Scared of Heritage Action?

July 20, 2015 There was a time in Washington when members of Congress regarded the Heritage Foundation as the powerhouse of conservative ideas. Now, many say the group's political arm has become a nuisance.

Heritage had become so synonymous with the Republican Party's identity several years ago that when Jim DeMint resigned from the Senate in 2012 to run the foundation, he claimed he could "do a lot more on the outside" then he could in Congress with all the privileges that come with being a senator.

But members, congressional aides, and GOP strategists say the intellectual power that made the group a cornerstone of the conservative movement and garnered them access to offices across Capitol Hill for decades has been tainted by their political group's pursuit for absolute purity. Heritage Action for America, the organization's 501(c)(4), keeps score of votes, judging members based on how they line up with the group's conservative priorities. And many members say they are tired of Heritage Action's lack of discretion or rationale.

"Perhaps it is just that I am not smart enough to know ... but there doesn't always appear to be a lot of rhyme or reason," said Rep. Trey Gowdy, a Republican from South Carolina, even as he emphasized his strong and consistent relationship with the Heritage Foundation's leader. It was DeMint, he said, who empowered him to run for office in the first place. But Heritage Action is beginning to be a problem for conservatives.

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Sunday, July 19, 2015

James O’Keefe Goes Undercover in Greece During Financial Crisis

Obama's secret race database

Donald Trump’s War Hero Slam on John McCain Won’t Hurt Him – And Conservative Media Has No Clue What They’re Talking About Regarding Trumpmania

Donald Trump’s War Hero Slam on John McCain Won’t Hurt Him – And Conservative Media Has No Clue What They’re Talking About Regarding Trumpmania
Donald Trump’s candidacy is wildly entertaining to watch unfold. Not just because of how Trump is running a scorched earth, “trample everything in view” campaign, but also because of how he’s revealing how out of touch conservative media, bloggers, pundits and “experts” are with what is really happening across the nation.
Indeed, most of the “red this” and “right that” dot coms out there, you know, the old school “new media” of the right, are stumbling over themselves to insult, ridicule and belittle anyone who supports Trump. They themselves are becoming what John McCain is to a silent majority of what used to be considered the conservative/Republican base. The more they insult and thump their chests as the authority on elections, the farther away from them the rest of us move.
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