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What This Startling Report Just Revealed About Freddie Gray Could Destroy Baltimore Riots Narrative

Image Credit: Fox News
Did the man whose mysterious death in police custody touched off the Baltimore riots deliberately cause his own potentially fatal injuries? That’s a serious question now being asked in light of a startling report by The Washington Postthat suggests Freddie Gray may have been “intentionally trying to injure himself” while he was confined in a police van. The Post article is based on a document supposedly written by a Baltimore police investigator and is part of a massive probe of Gray’s as yet unexplained death.
“A prisoner sharing a police transport van with Freddie Gray told investigators that he could hear Gray ‘banging against the walls’ of the vehicle and believed that he ‘was intentionally trying to injure himself,’ according to a police document obtained by The Washington Post.” The article notes that the unidentified prisoner who is said to have reported Gray’s self-destructive behavior could not see, but only heard what was happening, because he was “separated from Gray by a metal partition.”
Regarding this potentially game-changing story in The Washington Post, CNNnotes that the revelation comes “just before Baltimore police are set to release to state prosecutors the results of their investigation into Gray’s arrest and death.” The state will then decide what charges, if any, should be brought against the officers involved in Gray’s arrest and transport on the day he suffered serious spinal injuries that eventually led to his death.

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New York Times Stumbles onto the Truth About Baltimore by Jared Taylor

Discovers why blacks riot.
An article from yesterday’s New York Times about the relative calm in Baltimore stumbled by accident onto something like the real reason why blacks were rioting. Near the famous burned-out CVS–the city had begged the company to “invest” in a dodgy neighborhood–the Times reporter found someone it identified as “Robert Wilson, a college student who went to high school in Baltimore.” The article concludes with Mr. Wilson’s explanation of why blacks rioted. He said nothing about Freddie Gray or police brutality. Instead, he said this:
We’re just angry at the surroundings–like this is all that is given to us?–and we’re tired of this, like nobody wants to wake up and see broken-down buildings. They take away the community centers, they take away our fathers, and now we have traffic lights that don’t work, we have houses that are crumbling, falling down.
This quote almost perfectly captures the black mentality that leads to rioting. Blacks live in neighborhoods that they, themselves, have wrecked, and then ask, “This is all that is given to us?”
Hard-working white people built the “broken-down” buildings Mr. Wilson is complaining about. Many had parquet floors, high ceilings, and fine moldings found today only in the most expensive new construction.
After the riots in Baltimore in 1968, whites panicked and sold their property at desperation prices. Now, these houses are “broken down” because blacks didn’t maintain them. This pattern of white flight and “broken down” houses was repeated in Detroit, Philadelphia, Chicago, New York, Washington, St. Louis, Memphis, Atlanta, Birmingham, Jacksonville, and countless other American cities. Some of the best city housing in the world was handed over to blacks who wrecked it. Neighborhoods filled with irreplaceable architecture are now wastelands.
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Brian Jones & the Myth of the Rolling Stones by James J. O'Meara


Paul Trynka
Brian Jones: The Making of the Rolling Stones
New York: Viking, 2014

“He was really trying to pass the buck, as was his wont. I wasn’t interested. ‘No. get in there, mate, this is your baby.’” — Christopher Gibbs, quoted in Paul Trynka, Brian Jones: The Making of the Rolling Stones

“You rarely find both courage and genius in one human shell. It is not strong enough to contain both those volatile ingredients. One or another will eat its way out, and carry the victim away. And victim is the proper word. How dangerous it is to be supremely intelligent.” — Calder Willingham, End as a Man

Last time we looked back at the music of the ’60s, we found, when looking behind the scenes of America’s counter-culture headquarters, Laurel Canyon, a whole bunch of spookiness, of both the CIA/military intelligence and occult type.[1]

Now, no sooner do I pick up this book, to read about, well, as it says, Brian Jones and the making of the Rolling Stones,[2] and damned if we’re not plunged right back into spook land.

Fortunately, Trynka is less interested in conspiracy theorizing than McGowan; neither spooks behind the rise of the Stones nor the death of Brian.

The JFK-style industry of conspiracy theories . . . perpetuated the image of Brian Jones as a corpse, which is a scandal, for it has overshadowed and obscured the legacy of Brian Jones as a musician.[3]

Right from the start, Brian was more than adequately screwed up to account for his career implosion and ultimate demise.

Cheltenham, Brian’s birthplace, was a quite, eminently “middle-class” (in the Brit sense, our “upper middle” or preppie) town, but as usual appearances were deceiving. It was here that the British relocated their military intelligence operations, no doubt as a reward for their successful wartime code breaking. And the leading employer, including Brian’s father, was military secret-level aerospace engineering. And as that other icon of postwar British espionage and technology, James Bond, has taught us to expect, where there’s spies, there’s high tech and hanky panky.[4]

Thus, well-respected (as Ray Davies might say) Cheltenham was the UK’s leading origin, outside of the teeming immigrant quarters of London, of illegitimate births,[5] a local industry to which Brian would do his utmost to contribute.

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Leo Szilard: The Man Behind the Bomb with William Lanouette

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Africa on the Brink by Steve Sailer

The governments of Europe are confronting an epochal choice in the Mediterranean. Do they allow Europe to remain on course toward inundation by the African population explosion, inevitably turning Florence into Ferguson and Barcelona into Baltimore?
The conventional wisdom is that it’s unthinkable to stop the African tsunami. Veteran public radio correspondent Sylvia Poggioli assured gullible NPR listeners on Monday:
This is a human tide that cannot be stopped,” she says. … Europeans have to start providing legal channels that will allow them to seek asylum here. This is a humanitarian crisis, says Mascena, that cannot be solved by use of force — or by leaving these desperate human beings bottled up in Africa and the Middle East.
Or will Europeans adopt the sensible policies of Australia and Israel that have succeeded at turning back Camp of the Saints-style invasions by boat?
The Sub-Saharan African population bomb is the most obvious long-term problem facing global peace and prosperity. We’ve been lectured for decades about climate change, but the staggering fertility rates among black Africans have been largely hushed up over the last quarter of a century. We’re supposed to assume the problem will solve itself without any white people ever being so crass as to mention that it’s even a problem.
While birth rates have dropped in much of the world, they remain staggeringly high in much of Africa south of the Sahara. The simplest measure to work with is the total fertility rate, a projection of babies per woman per lifetime. While many countries have dropped below the replacement rate (for example, Iran is at 1.85), there are 35 countries in black Africa with total fertility rates over 4.0, compared to only four elsewhere on earth.
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Heather MacDonald hits the second layer of denial

Dear Heather,
I admire your writing and eagerly read it whenever I can. You are the writer I wish I could be: clear, crisp, succinct and hard-hitting. Your insights are many and I have re-read them over the years to not only great appreciation but greater enjoyment.
I fear, however, that you are off-course on the following statement:
Perhaps if the media had not shrunk from reporting on the flash mob phenomenon and the related “knockout game”—in which teenagers tried to knock out unsuspecting bystanders with a single sucker punch—we might have made a modicum of progress in addressing or at least acknowledging the real cause of black violence: the breakdown of the family. A widely circulated video from yesterday’s mayhem shows a furious mother whacking her hoodie-encased son to prevent him from joining the mob. This tiger mom may well have the capacity to rein in her would-be vandal son. But the odds are against her. Try as they might, single mothers are generally overmatched in raising males. Boys need their fathers. But over 72 percent of black children are born to single-mother households today, three times the black illegitimacy rate when Daniel Patrick Moynihan wrote his prescient analysis of black family breakdown in 1965.
You are wrong in the best way, which is that you get so much right. Everything you say is true, but it is not the whole truth.
I was a witness to the LA riots in the 1990s. The behavior there was the same as in Baltimore: a half-hearted protest that quickly devolved into the dream of every liberal, which is a time when the rules do not apply and everything is free for the taking. Solipsistic people, of which liberals are a subset, do not realize that when the rules go away, they too are likely to be victims and stop enjoying the effects that rules are the causes of. They think it will be anarchy with grocery stores, with themselves at the top; in reality, it will be anarchy among burnt ruins, with liberals serving as tasty Eloi for the munching.
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It wasn’t just the Armenians: The other 20th century massacres we ignore

This week is being marked as the 100th anniversary of the killings of more than a million Armenians during the dying days of the Ottoman Empire. Despite considerable opposition from the Turkish government, the anniversary is bringing renewed attention to an often overlooked historical issue, with President Obama in particular facing criticism for not using the word "genocide" to describe the killings.
This didn't happen by accident. The attention placed on the massacre this year is the result of a long and coordinated campaign by Armenia and the Armenian diaspora to ensure that a dark and sometimes disputed part of history wasn't forgotten. It was this campaign that has slowly dragged the Armenian tragedy out of obscure disputes and into mainstream discussion.
It doesn't always work that way, though. In fact, what happens far more often is that the difficult parts of history often are forgotten or ignored. The 20th century was bloody and violent, and while some horrors are at least relatively well-known – the Holocaust or the genocides in Rwanda and Cambodia, for example – others have become mere footnotes in history.
So, in honor of the 100th anniversary of the Armenian killings, here are some of the lesser-known massacres of the 20th century, many of which are considered genocides, too.
Unfortunately, because history is so bloody, this list is far from exhaustive.
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Too Many People go to University

As the Moynihan Report Turns 50, 65 Percent Black Baltimore Erupts into Black Chaos...

PK NOTE: Pick up a copy of The City that Bleeds: Race, History, and the Death of Baltimore to understand how the civilization whites created in Baltimore has been driven out by the rising black population.

Understand unbelievable high rates of black violence (almost exclusively against other black people) has required much of the city's businesses to protect their employees - and, in many cases, the entire store - behind plexiglas. Thedwindling white population in the city lacks the vocabulary - and morality - to properly address black dysfunction, since all the misery blacks create has its origin in white privilege...

Fifty years ago, Sen. Daniel Patrick Moynihan became the target of the architects of Black-Run America (BRA) for publishing the Moynihan Report (The Negro Family: The Case for National Action). 
Life at the end of Black-Run America (BRA)

Though the report still tried to excuse away black dysfunction as a symptom of white supremacy, it did bring up many uncomfortable truths regarding the depravity within the black community and the potential incompatibility of black people with the civilization whites had built in America. 

Which brings us to 2015 Baltimore, a 65 percent black city completely controlled by black elected (or appointed) officials. 

One of those officials, Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake, admitted the black riots on April 25, 2015 were allowed to proceed to "those who wished to destroy." [Baltimore Mayor: Space Was Provided To Those Who ‘Wished To Destroy’ [VIDEO], Daily Caller, 4-27-15]:

Baltimore mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake made a stunning admission Saturday in the aftermath of violent protests over the recent death of Freddie Gray, saying she wanted to give space to those “who wished to destroy.” 
And destroy, some did. 
Numerous storefronts and vehicles were damaged and businesses were looted at the tail end of a day of demonstrations. Thirty-four people were arrested and six police officers suffered minor injuries. Baseball fans attending a game at Camden Yards were told to stay inside the ballpark until violence outside of the stadium subsided. 
“I’ve made it very clear that I work with the police and instructed them to do everything that they could to make sure that the protesters were able to exercise their right to free speech,” Rawlings-Blake said during a press conference Saturday night.
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Jews and Democrats (vs. "elite WASPs" and Republicans)

For example, only 5 of 159 donors from the all-gentile California Club in Los Angeles gave to Democrats in 1968. The situation was the same at two similar clubs for which I had membership lists at the time, the Pacific Union in San Francisco, where only 5 of 89 donors gave to Democrats, and the Detroit Club in Detroit, where 5 of 110 gave to Democrats.
From C. Wright Mills disciple G. William Domhoff's The Power Elite and the State: How Policy Is Made in America:
Ferguson and Rogers not only miss the role of the South and its allies during the New Deal, they are blind to the great importance of Jewish contributors to the Democrats in every large city and at the national level since the 1960s. The material base of the party is now in a religious group that gives primarily to Democrats whatever the donor's particular business sector may happen to be. In this section I am going to marshall evidence to show that Ferguson and Rogers mistake religion for business sector in explaining Mondale's 1984 contributions. But several caveats must be registered before proceeding in order to head off potential misunderstandings. First, the only reason Jewish donors are so important to the Democrats is that most of the rich, northern gentiles have defected to the Republicans. Second, there is no mystery as to why most wealthy Jews remain Democrats, as I confirmed for myself in interviews with major Jewish donors in 1970 and 1971 (Domhoff, 1972). Not only are their family roots in the Democrats, and their community values more sympathetic toward helping the poor (Fuchs, 1956; Lipset and Raab, 1984), butthey fear antisemitic Christians as well. As long as there is a fanatical evangelical and reactionary right in the Republican party, it is likely that the Jews will remain Democrats (cf. Isaacs, 1974; Cohen, 1989). Third, Jews remain Democrats in part because they do not fully trust rich gentiles. After all, those upstanding Episcopalians and Presbyterians have kept Jews out of upper-class social clubs in most cities until very recently, if any change has been made at all (Baltzell, 1964; Zweigenhaft and Domhoff, 1982). Finally, it needs to be said that not all Jewish donors give to Democrats. Twenty to 30 percent may give to Republicans in a typical election, and an even higher percentage in an atypical election where the Democratic nominee is perceived as anti-Israel, tolerant of antisemitism, or identified with the evangelical right-wing. [. . .]

By the 1940s, as the horrors of the holocaust became more apparent and the hopes for a Jewish state greatly increased, most Jews were supporting the Democrats with their donations. Five of the eight families listed by Overacker (1945:910-911) as giving $15,000 or more to the Democrats in 1944 were Jewish. Many of the prominent Jewish donors of the next 20 years appeared as major contributors for the first time in that year. In an analysis of distinctive Jewish names, Webber discovered that the split in favor of the Democrats was 85-15 in 1944 and 70-30 in 1956.

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The US is in worse shape than I thought

Ironically, being on the road has actually at times making it easier for me to write. Being stuck in a truck taking turns during 4 hours shifts across the US gives me time to think and write while the battery lasts. Two major thoughts have rooted themselves in my mind as of late: first things are worse than I thought in terms of collapse/decline, and the US is far too big to conquer conventionally – and that’s why we killed ourselves.
To speak to the 2nd point first, the US is HUGE. Mind-blowing huge. I traveled a lot as a kid and young man but it is easy to forget. I am in Texas right now, drove all day, this state you can drive ALL DAY AT 80 MPH and not get across it. That is huge as fuck. How is the mex army – if it existed- EVER even get passed Texas? A logistic nightmare as its endless scrub desert and millions with guns. This point really struck me as I was thinking about how essentially we are invincible to ANY conventional attack. Say China puts their million men on boats and actually gets to Sanfran, they plow through some shitlibs and then what? Nothing. Maybe it becomes New Shanghia, but they sure as shit are not getting through Utah/Arizona/New Mex deserts.
The only reason people can get through at all is because of arteries – aka Interstates- which by the way are falling apart. Its like road warrior out here dodging holes and tire blow outs averaging over 1 per mile. Are tank columns going to be getting across the south west desert? Not a fucking chance. Best chance is east coast, plow some fagsters over there and then stall out in the Kentucky or Carolina mountains. Esp. with oil running out no way it happens.
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Surveying America: A Plan for Growth Steve Sailer

Latin America has repeatedly failed to achieve the kind of settled distribution of property that could support a middle-class society.  This is a disjunction of subtle but increasing cultural importance as the United States becomes more of a Latin country.  With Jeb Bush running for the 2016 Republican nomination based in part on his ties to Latin America, it’s worth considering some of the more arcane history of why Anglo America and Iberian America diverged so sharply.
While trying to explain Latin American underdevelopment in 1912, American journalist Albert Edwards pointed out that a system designed for conquistadors ill served modern capitalists, who are emboldened by trustworthy land titles: “Frequently the original land grants read ‘from the sea back to the mountains.’  When the hinterland had no value this was a satisfactory description, but it is now a fruitful source of dispute.  Very few landholders know definitely how much they own.”  Recognizing the problems caused by massive land grants, the newly independent government of Mexico limited them to 11 leagues, or about 75 square miles.
Still, as late as 1845, almost the entire San Fernando Valley, 183 square miles (where I and about 1.5 million other people now live), was sold by Pío Pico, the last governor of Alta California, to his son-in-law.  The Valley is small, though, compared with the Maxwell Land Grant of 2,679 square miles accumulated in northern New Mexico by an American adventurer who married into a network of Mexican families.
Lawsuits over these grandiose but ill-defined colonial land grants still occasionally plague real-estate values in New Mexico by casting doubts on security of title.  For example, as recently as 2013, hundreds of homeowners near the Taos ski area found themselves unable to refinance their mortgages or sell their houses because of a lawsuit filed by descendants of beneficiaries of an 1815 gift by the Spanish crown.
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Why Israel does not recognize the Armenian ‘genocide’

Here's one instance where Israel is on the same side as many other countries in the Middle East.
On Friday, April 24, Armenians around the world will mark the centennial of what they call the "Great Catastrophe," when an unraveling Ottoman Empire ordered the forced deportation of ethnic Armenians. Estimates vary, but between 300,000 and 1.5 million Armenians perished in 1915 and 1916 -- victims of hideous abuse and systematic slaughters that WorldViews detailed here.
The Armenian government and diaspora are insistent about what this was: a genocide. But many other countries, including Israel and the United States, don't recognize what happened a century ago as a "genocide." Instead, official statements refer to the "Events of 1915," massacres, "terrible carnage" and a "humanitarian tragedy."
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WHY DO THEY HATE US? by Richard B. Spencer

Screen Shot 2015-04-17 at 12.09.09 PM.png
This speech was delivered at the 2015 American Renaissance conference.
Why do they hate us?
That’s a question that was famously asked by journalists, presidents, and average Joes in the aftermath of the September 11 terror bombings.
Judging by last 14 years of pointless and costly wars, of sending grandma through pat-down lines and x-ray machines, and “freedom fries,” it’s safe to say that we never answered that question with a great deal of honesty and self-awareness. Hopefully, we can do better here today.
Let’s first break the question down. When I say “Us,” I recognize that there are many different people in this room, with varying perspectives, hopes, and dreams. So I’ll define “Us” simply: We think race is biologically real, and that it has tremendous social, cultural, and historical consequences. More important, we have a passionate attachment to our extended family, and the cultures and civilization it birthed.
When I say “Hate,” I’m not referring to a passing emotion, nor a maniacal contempt, loathing, or resentment we might feel towards an individual enemy. I’m referring to something bigger. I’m referring to the total delegitimization of the White man and to what is often called White Guilt—this feeling, so pervasive, that the White race and White racism are uniquely responsible for suffering and injustice in the world and, moreover, that White consciousness and White power are uniquely wicked and immoral. These ideas could be best summed by Susan Sontag’s facile remark: “The white race is the cancer of human history.”[1]

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Europe Can’t Avoid Immigration By SCOTT MCCONNELL

Blandine Le Cain /  cc

Restrictionist rhetoric that would be unthinkable in the U.S. has moved into mainstream European publications.

If Ann Coulter had neither a law degree nor some fear of being parked permanently beyond the pale of respectable discourse, she might write like Katie Hopkins. The latter, a British columnist for the Murdoch tabloid The Sun is now in heavy soup for penning a scabrous column about African migrants, which by chance happened to be published a few days before a large boat of such migrants sunk in the Mediterranean, drowning at least 700. Before that tragic event, Hopkins had let fly what she thought about the people from the southern continent scrambling to seek asylum in Europe:
NO, I don’t care. Show me pictures of coffins, show me bodies floating in water, play violins and show me skinny people looking sad.
I still don’t care.
Because in the next minute you’ll show me pictures of aggressive young men at Calais, spreading like norovirus on a cruise ship.
Watching them try to clamber on to British lorries and steal their way into the UK, do I feel pity? Only for the British drivers, who get hit with a fine every time one of this plague of feral humans ends up in their truck.
She went on to liken the would-be migrants’ tough durability to that of cockroaches, suggested they be deterred at sea by gunboats rather than met by rescuers, etc. Unsurprisingly, bien-pensant Britain has worked itself into a fury like nothing seen before; several online petitions with thousands of signers are demanding The Sun “redeem” itself by sacking Hopkins, while a group called the Society of Black Lawyers is trying to get her prosecuted for inciting racial hatred. It might help Hopkins that she is a columnist who trades regularly in the outrageous, which includes thoughts that many people actually think. She once wrote that dementia victims take up hospital space and should be euthanized. She is also not writing for American Renaissance, but for Britain’s largest selling newspaper.
I have prior experience criticizing immigration for a Murdoch-owned tabloid, and found no readiness at the top to support someone promoting immigration restrictionist views. Of course I didn’t write like Hopkins, but in a more measured and deliberate style, with statistics about wage rates and school performance, and quotations from George Kennan and Eugene McCarthy. But that was in New York, in the mid-1990s. There are as yet no signs the Murdoch operation will pull the plug on Katie Hopkins in today’s London. It goes without saying that it is insensitive and vulgar to liken would-be migrants to cockroaches, inviting the inevitable Nazi comparisons which thousands in Britain are making.
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Nepal earthquake reduces World Heritage sites to rubble

The devastating 7.8 magnitude earthquake that violently shook Nepal on Saturday left more than human casualties in its wake.
The country also saw a number of its iconic UNESCO World Heritage sites and most popular tourist attractions -- some dating more than 1,700 years -- reduced to piles of rubble.
Among the well-known Kathmandu landmarks destroyed by the quake was the 100-foot Dharahara Tower, which was cut down to a 30-foot pile of jagged brick, according to Reuters.
Originally built for the queen of Nepal in 1832, the lighthouse lookalike was rebuilt following a powerful 1934 earthquake that claimed more than 16,000 lives, according to the Wall Street Journal.
Open to visitors for the past decade, as many as 200 people were inside the nine-story tower when it toppled, a police officer told Reuters.
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Prof. Kevin B. Macdonald - The Psychological Mechanism of White Disposse...

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The sound of silence by Natasha Simons

Small Mouth Sounds, currently playing at ArsNova, is, without qualification, a delight. In it, playwright Bess Wohl and director Rachel Chavkin create transcendence out of the tiny frailties of human interaction. It is a rarity for theater, typically the most loquacious of artistic media, to be so quiet and yet say so much.
This is not experimental theater, but a play in which the principals spend most of the proceedings in silence cannot quite be called traditional. Six people of varying ages and dispositions arrive at a five-day spiritual yoga retreat (also known as an ashram) outside the city, each carrying profound and private pains. Over the course of the next hundred minutes, the play explores these depths with great humor and pathos.
ArsNova has an unusual space, rectangular in shape with two seated rows on either side for the audience. The performers use the long space in the middle as well as a small raised stage at the front of the room. This lends itself to an intimate, almost interactive experience, much as it did with Ms. Chavkin’s previous directorial effort with ArsNova, the opulent Natasha, Pierre and the Great Comet of 1812. (The reader may recall that The New Criterion’s correspondent had some difficulty reviewing said production. I am happy to report the audience was of a much more refined disposition at Small Mouth Sounds.)

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"Empire of the Summer Moon: Quanah Parker and the Rise and Fall of the Comanches, the Most Powerful Indian Tribe in American History" by S. C. Gwynne

"Empire of the Summer Moon: Quanah Parker and the Rise and Fall of the Comanches, the Most Powerful Indian Tribe in American History" By S. C. Gwynne
Towards the end of S.C Gwynne’s mesmerizing "Empire of the Summer Moon," Quanah Parker explains to a friend named Miller how “the white man had pushed the Indian off the land.” Quanah, a Comanche warrior who had surrendered to the U.S. government in 1875, directs Miller to sit on a cottonwood log. "Quanah sat down close to him and said 'Move over.' Miller moved. Parker moved with him, and again sat down close to him. ‘Move over,’ he repeated. This continued until Miller had fallen off the log. 'Like that,' said Quanah."
In truth, the forty-year battle between the Comanche and the white man for control of the Great Plains and Texas was not so antiseptic. Gwynne, the former executive editor of Texas Monthly, details the atrocities perpetrated by each side in living color; to do otherwise would be dishonest. But while this is a non-fiction book about war, it is equally a book about two nations trying to control their destinies by whatever means necessary. In Quanah Parker, Gwynne has found the perfect vehicle for telling that story.

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Gaddafi’s Revenge: Europe Can Save Africans From Drowning—Or Itself From Being Swamped By Alexander Hart

This is a stupidly dangerous exercise–if the crossing was legal, the boat owner would go jail for endangering his passengers.
As many as 1200 Africans have drowned in the Mediterranean in the last ten days trying to immigrate illegally into Europe, and theEuropean Union, the United Nations, and the global Main Stream Media have been quick to declare solutions and scapegoats.
The scapegoats: Europeans who don’t want their countries overrun with Third World immigrants.
Thus U.N officials have already dismissed the plan put together by European leaders on Monday:
The U.N. statement on Thursday called on Europe to begin a “robust, proactive and well-resourced” search and rescue mission in the Mediterranean, to create channels for safe and regular migration and to make a firm commitment to take in significantly higher numbers of refugees.
“These are ideas that have been around for 20 years, but the E.U. isn’t doing them, and politics and xenophobia keep getting in the way,” said Rupert Colville, a spokesman for [high commissioner for human rights Zeid Ra’ad al-] Hussein.
Dara Lind at Vox agrees: “The xenophobia in domestic politics in the UK, as well as other European countries—especially Italy—is one of the most important factors driving EU policy on this issue” [1,600 migrants have drowned in the Mediterranean this year. Europe refuses to fix the crisisApril 20, 2015].
While the scapegoats are predictable, but the Left’s solutions are simply impossible—short of obliterating Europe (which is what they apparently want).
There are three broad aspects of policy that the West could adjust to affect the migrant flow.
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SHOCK VIDEO: It’s Happened Again In This City, Another Wild Mob Of Black Teens On The Attack

In early September of last year, Western Journalism reported on the vicious, unprovoked attack on three people by a mob of black teenagers in Memphis, Tenn., who swarmed across a parking lot toward a Kroger grocery store.
Officials at the time said that two store employees beaten by the mob were knocked unconscious. One man was repeatedly kicked and stomped while lying helpless on the sidewalk. On cell phone video of the incident, there seemed to be a giddy, almost celebratory mood among the witnesses whose voices could be heard.
Now, again in Memphis, surveillance cameras at a gas station have caught on tape another, similar incident involving dozens of black teens identified as students from Northwest Prep Academy. The video shows them rushing and beating a man who was trying to help an elderly woman to her car.


I'm very nostalgic for those stray movies between about 1979 and 1983 that gave hip audiences a sense of ownership of those movies—a smaller version of what hit college audiences in the late 1960s with Antonioni and Altman and Mike Nichols. By 1979 we had already been slugged by the space-serial blockbusters and mugged by the calculated emotions of Kramer vs. Kramer and On Golden Pond. But these other movies—like Peter Yates's Breaking Away and the Bill Forsyth movies Gregory's Girl and Local Hero and Fred Schepisi's Barbarosaand Iceman—made us college students feel like an intelligent, respected film audience with minds and good taste in stories and dialogue. I was at U.C. Santa Barbara when Local Hero and Peter Weir's The Year of Living Dangerouslyopened, and the university audience at the old theater in Isla Vista just ate them up. You were hit with a palpable sensation of satisfaction, and you thought, "Movies can be good."

But whatever it was, it was evanescent and got swallowed up, again, in crummy commercialism and emotional banality—junk like those really awful John Hughes movies and Top Gun and Flashdance. My heart sinks just thinking about how the huge mass of teen crud in the 1980s pushed out what little bits of potential appeared, magically, every so often in the American commercial film.

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Checking Iron Age Barbarian Prejudice by Steve Sailer

In his New York Times column “Checking Charlie Hebdo’s Privilege,” Ross Douthat took on the reigning orthodoxy about how we should only “punch up” at the more “privileged.” Ross rolled his eyes at liberal cartoonist Garry Trudeau for arguing that the poor Parisian caricaturists kind of had it coming for “punching downward” at Muslims, whom the Doonesbury nag defines as “a powerless, disenfranchised minority.” Trudeau intoned, “Ridiculing the non-privileged is almost never funny” (and, after all, who has more experience at being never funny than the Watergate Era comic strip icon?)
People sometimes give Ross a hard time for responding to the clueless proponents of the conventional wisdom with patience and his indoor voice. But he’s one of only a handful of pundits who can pull off slowly slipping the best new ideas (e.g., mine) into the corner of the Overton Window of what you are allowed to say in public without losing your job. Presumably, it’s a high-wire act for Douthat to push the envelope of what concepts he can air while still staying employed in these intolerant times.
Ross even bravely notes:
“Or, to take a related example, the hundreds of white women recently raped by Pakistani gangs in England’s industrial north were theoretically higher on a ladder of privilege than their assailants. But the gangs’ actual power over their victims was only enhanced by that notional ladder, because multicultural pieties were part of what induced the authorities to look the other way.”
But Ross gets tangled up in arguing over who is privileged or not, which can be endlessly fascinating, but isn’t terribly relevant to real justice rather than to “social” justice.
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Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Wladimir Klitschko: Iron Curtain no barrier for 'Dr. Steelhammer'

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Yuri Gagarin showed him how to reach for the stars, but it was another intrepid traveler who set Wladimir Klitschko on the road to global domination.
Born in Soviet-era Kazakhstan, the boy who would become one of boxing's greatest champions had just one dream -- to see what the outside world had to offer.
Gagarin might have been the first man to journey into outer space, but Klitschko's real inspiration was Robinson Crusoe, the castaway title character of Daniel Defoe's classic 18th-century novel.
"I'd been reading this book so many times," Klitschko tells CNN's Human to Hero series.
"My motivation was to get out. I just wanted to see the world. You had to be a politician or an athlete to travel outside of the Soviet Union and to cross the border. As a regular citizen you couldn't make it. So I decided okay, I'm too young to be a politician, but for an athlete it's just perfect."
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“Anti-Semitism in Europe”—Caused by Jewish Lobby Promoted Third World Immigration

Militant Muslims are behind the current “increase in anti-Semitism” in Europe over which the Jewish Lobby and its controlled mass media are so upset—but it is precisely the policies of mass immigration and “integration” which the same Jewish Lobby has promoted, which has led to the presence of millions of Muslims in the European heartlands.

In France, for example, the Charlie Hebdo attack and the “Jewish supermarket” siege have highlighted exactly who is responsible for the violent attacks against Jews in that country. Those murderous attacks are however, only the tip of the Islamist iceberg. Among the hundreds of more prominent attacks were the following:
- In 2006, the Moroccan Jew Ilan Halimi was kidnapped by a gang of young Muslims calling themselves “Gang of Barbarians” and tortured to death over a period of three weeks.
- In 2012, Mohammed Merah shot and killed three Jewish children and a rabbi at the Ozar Hatorah School in Toulouse, France.
- In July 2014, dozens of Muslims protesting Israel’s murderous attack on the Gaza Strip besieged a Paris synagogue and clashed with security. Later, after rioters failed to burn the synagogue down, they instead burned cars and destroyed Jewish-owned properties in a largely Jewish area of Sarcelles.
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Another wave of migrants is on its way (but don't you dare mention it)

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Funny how little we have heard from British liberals about a rather nasty outbreak of anti-immigrant violence this week.
Black South Africans burst on to the streets of Durban and Johannesburg, savagely attacking and threatening black immigrants from other parts of Africa.
Whatever this is, it isn’t ‘racist’. The assailants and victims alike are almost all black Africans. The fact that it is happening in a country liberals pretend is a rainbow paradise (when it isn't) is also hard for them to handle.
The sad truth is that mass migration, whatever the colour of the skins of those involved, upsets and worries indigenous people, especially the poorest. If it is not controlled – and South Africa has utterly failed to control it for many years – it can lead to serious social conflict.
And if you think this doesn't affect us, you are worryingly wrong. For Africa is exploding north and south, as war and famine uproot its unhappy millions.
David Cameron’s irresponsible and ignorant intervention in Libya (which alone should be enough to ensure he never holds responsible office again) is now causing one of the greatest human upheavals of modern times.
A wave of human misery is now heading to Europe – and eventually to Britain – from the fiery chaos of post-Cameron Libya.
In one week, at least 10,000 migrants have been ferried to Italy by greedy criminal traffickers. 
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Saturday, April 18, 2015

Song of Stenka Razin. Russian folk song. Из-за острова на стрежень.


U.S. Backing for the Disastrous War on Yemen Continues By DANIEL LARISON

The good news is that some U.S. officials are reportedly worried about the Saudi-led war’s awful consequences, but that doesn’t seem to have caused anyone to question continued U.S. support for the operation:
Concerned about reports of hundreds of civilian casualties, Obama administration officials are increasingly uneasy about the U.S. involvement in the Saudi-led air war against rebel militias in Yemen, opening a potential rift between Washington and its ally in Riyadh.
The article quotes one official who privately describes the Saudis’ war as a “disaster,” but that criticism hasn’t translated into a reduction or elimination of U.S. assistance. There doesn’t seem to be any confidence in the administration that the attack they’re supporting will achieve any of its ostensible goals, but that doesn’t lessen the support. On the contrary, U.S. support has continued to increase as the harmful effects of the Saudis’ attack have become harder to ignore. The article portrays this as an attempt to improve Saudi targeting in order to reduce civilian casualties, but this misses the point that all of the civilian casualties yet to be caused by the bombing campaign could be avoided by halting it. The U.S. might be able to help make Saudi bombing slightly more precise, but that can’t change the fact that the war itself is wrong and unnecessary.
Our officials keep repeating that the U.S. “goal is to try to bring about a political resolution to the conflict,” but no one can explain how battering Yemen from the air for weeks and wrecking the country’s infrastructure is going to bring that about. The U.S. has hitched itself to a war it doesn’t control and can’t explain, and it has done this for the sake of pleasing one of the worst clients the U.S. has in the region. It is debatable whether the Saudi war advances some Saudi interest (it is usually not good for a state to launch a reckless intervention in another country), but there is no question that no U.S. interests are being served here.
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