Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Libertarianism for Non-Dummies

If I had a dime for every left-libertarian who's called me a fascist, nazi, racist, or some other name that is normally a part of the leftist vocabulary, I'd have at least enough for a good meal and a pitcher of beer. Such nonsense has no place in libertarianism, being, as it is, nothing more than cultural marxism AKA political correctness. Leave that to the hippy-dippy lefties, okay?

The Nolan Chart is cute. But it isn't real. No, the left does not believe in personal freedoms. Far from it — The only 'freedoms' the left likes are the freedoms to self-destruct and degenerate. And they like them because they're by definition temporary,terminal freedoms. The right, on the other hand, does believe in a lot of freedom — economic freedom, to be sure, but also loads and loads ofpersonal freedom of the sort the left abhors.

Libertarianism, if it means anything at all, is a right-wing philosophy (in the American context), and must reject the whole congeries of leftist blather lest it be swallowed up and become just another sect of leftism that Bill Maher can be proud to belong to.

That means we must not only adhere to the libertarian mode of thought, but that we must also figure out what the prerequisites for it are and get those right. Right not, the libertarian mainstream (left-libertarians) are doing their damnedest to help the liberals and neocons destroy such prerequisites.

So let's amaze our friends and demoralize our enemies. Let's be realistic.  Shall we? From:

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