Saturday, October 11, 2014

Jewish Hypocrisy: Sarah Silverman celebrates demise of Europeans By Dr. Patrick Slattery


Emmy-winning Jewish supremacist comedienne Sarah Silverman was invited by fellow tribalist Lorne Michaels to host Saturday Night Live last weekend. Among the skits that aired on the show was a fake commercial of “whites” celebrating the impending end of their rule in the Untied States.

The minute-long commercial was effective disinformation on various levels. First of all, its premise is that whites dominate the United States. In fact, the dominant position of Jewish supremacists in banking, media, academia, campaign finance, and other key industries dates back for at least several decades. In fact, that such a, nasty, racist portrayal gloating over the destruction of the European American community is proof that Europeans, although still the vast majority of Americans, have already been deposed.

Second, Silverman portrays appears in the ad as a white. This is another ploy by Jewish supremacists: passing themselves off as whites  when they want to portray their whitey-bashing as objective self-criticism, and then putting on their magic yarmulkes to play the ultimate victims of European cruelty at other times. Jews like Silverman who are the most extreme, racist tribalists on earth, certainly don’t consider themselves whites. They consider themselves Jews and a completely separate people from whites and in fact all the rest of humanity.
The commercial features whites describing their race as “playing by our own rules” and being “a little bit naughty.” This, of course, is a none-too-subtle way of implying that Europeans are uniquely evil, that “our own rules” led us to commit crimes of a “naughtiness” that would be unimaginable from other peoples.
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