Wednesday, October 1, 2014


Europe and America, the twin pillars of Western dominance in the global system, are rapidly diverging. This has been borne out by the recent experience of Richard Spencer and his attempt to hold an intellectual conference in Europe.

What is the nature of this divide between Europe and America? To reduce it to its most obvious characteristics: in Europe there is little freedom, but much democracy. In America there is much freedom but little democracy.

Freedom and democracy are words that are often uttered in the same breath, but they are essentially quite different. Freedom is related to the individual. Democracy is related to the social group. 

In America there is still something called "Freedom of Speech." You can still more or less say what you want to, no matter how offensive or threatening it is to others. A good example is the website The Daily Stormer, which has been the subject of a couple of excellent articles by Colin LiddellThe Daily Stormer, or its proprietor Mr. Anglin, can say anything it wants about Jews, Blacks, and Muslims, no matter how crude, vulgar, or offensive this might seem to other Americans. Of course, in Europe someone like Anglin would soon be behind bars due to “hate laws” and thoughtcrime legislation. Who knows, he might even get into trouble next time he visits Europe. 

In Europe, by contrast, there is democracy. Thanks to widespread proportional representation and a multi-party system, small political groupings can form and then start to gain representation in the political system, creating careers for their members, and growing as much as the public will support their views. Small radical parties, whether of the Left or Right, can get into the various national, regional, and EU parliaments in a way that must seem incredible to Americans. Even when they are demonized by the media.

In the case of Hungary, the government of which has banned the NPI conference, the second party is Jobbik, a rather offbeat but certainly radical grouping, which is anti-semitic, anti-gypsy, and which aspires to major border changes to unite Hungarian minorities in other countries with the homeland. 

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