Saturday, September 27, 2014


That comic opera political website The Daily Stormer has just launched another of its trademark frothing-at-the-mouth attacks, this time on noted nationalist vlogger RamZPaul

The reason? Because Paul had called attention to the senate campaign of Robert Ransdell in Kentucky, a candidate who strikes macho poses and makes emotive speeches reminiscent of old newsreels of Hitler, with constant references to “Black savages” and “the Jews.” The two positions in this case, that of RamZPaul and Andrew Anglin of The Daily Stormer, are of course well known to those of us on the alternative right.

Paul believes that the declared policies and rhetoric of Ransdell is a way of stigmatizing White nationalism and isolating it from the mainstream, in a sense “ghettoizing” it. Anglin thinks that Paul’s approach is soft and effeminate, and that what is needed is straight-talking and “men of action” like Ransdell – and presumably a Mussolini-style march on Rome. He is also not too keen on catching up with his reading:

“...the boys of American Renaissance and their comrades at Counter-Currents could go on talking and talking about all of the lovely intellectual reasons for White Nationalism for a million years, and the average person would still not care. They would never, in that million years, ever achieve the amount of publicity that Robert Ransdell has achieved in a week and a half.”
Behind this split is the idea of whether White nationalism is or should be an extremist ideology. Paul’s outlook and indeed his persona suggests that, essentially, it is not extremist, despite its current marginalization; and that it definitely should not be.

Anglin’s track record – using the crudest racist imagery and boldly associating his message with the most demonized members of the most demonized regime in the modern age (without even a hint of irony) – suggests that he thinks that it is and that it should be. 

This contrast alone should tell you who is on the side of the White Race, RamZPaul or Andrew Anglin; he who sees White racial interests as the concern of Whites in general or he who sees it as the concern of a small, bitter, Jew-obsessed minority. 

But, while I generally side with RamZPaul here, there is a little to be said in favour of Anglin’s approach. 

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