Saturday, August 2, 2014

[Graphic] Footage Recovered Of ISIS Butchering 1500 Hostages Like Cattle

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An extremely graphic and telling video was recently uncovered, capturing ISIS terrorists brutally executing 1,500 individuals. The video shows truckloads of hostages being carted away to their death.
The ISIS claims these hostages are Iraq’s Army POWs, some of them in their teens.
The narrator tells how they captured soldiers and covered their uniforms with civilian clothing. They forced their captives to chant, “long live the Islamic Nation,” as they pleaded for their lives.
They were lined up, face down in the dirt, and shot in the head, one after another.
The remaining hostages were escorted to a river. Each was shot in the head, their lifeless bodies tossed into the water, creating a pool of blood beneath them.
The ISIS celebrated, stating, “We will revenge and will return measure with measures…soon the Muslim will walk everywhere dignified with his head high. Here was the spark ignited in Iraq. It will arise Allah willing until they burn the armies of the cross in Dabiq (a prophetic battle in the last days of judgement.”
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