Thursday, April 24, 2014

Nigel Farage denies new Ukip poster campaign is racist. Ukip leader Nigel Farage has defended his party's latest poster campaign, denying their views on immigration are racist, and insisting the debate over the issue cannot simply be ignored.

Nigel Farage has defended a new immigration-centred poster UK Independence Party campaign as 'a hard-hitting reflection of reality' after it was attacked as 'racist' by some of his Labour opponents.
"This is a classic trick any debate on immigration is closed down automatically, decry it as racism, don't talk about it and brush it under the carpet.
"What we're saying is we're not against anybody from any part of the world but to have an open door to 485 million people from the rest of Europe, many from poor countries ... means there is an influx of foreign labour into Britain the likes of which we've never seen." 
The anti-European Union party is using a £1.5 million donation from millionaire businessman Paul Sykes to launch its biggest-ever publicity drive ahead of next month’s European Parliament elections.
The party said that it hoped to more than double its spending to £3million on the Euro elections, compared to £1.3million in the last Euro elections in 2009 according to Electoral Commission records. 
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