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Fash the Nation 105: Weaponized Shutdown 1-20-18

This is Not a Joke!

MSM Says Russia is Spreading the "Release the Memo" Material: That's Wrong

Twitter Emails 677,775 US Twitterheads Who Followed 'Russian Propaganda'...

Another Hate Crime at the University of Maryland Turns Out to Be a Hoax. Beware of easy narratives about "bias incidents." We usually don't know who's behind them—and when we find out, they often aren't who you expect. By Robby Soave

Racially charged graffiti—including a swastika—was found in a men's bathroom at the University of Maryland last fall and reported to the authorities as a hate crime.
That case is now solved. The perpetrator was Terrell Demonte Alexander, an 18-year-old former university employee. According to The College Fix, Alexander is black—which suggests this incident was a hoax, or at the least an act of intimidation committed by a member of the targeted minority group.
It's the second such deceptive case at the university in the past few months. Last October, police arrested Ronald Alford, a 52-year-old black former employee, for spray-painting a swastika on campus. At the University of Maryland, workplace grievances seem to be more important motivators of bias incidents than racism.
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The Damsel in Distress and Her Fuc*boy. By Stuart Schneiderman

Apparently, young women are under siege. They are being harassed and distracted from work by predatory men. The offending men need to be destroyed and the damsels in distress must be protected, by force of law.

Of course, we all want to hear out women’s voices on these matters. Our celebrity overlords, the high-school dropouts, have told us that we must. So we will.

Today, thanks to Heather MacDonald (via Maggie’s Farm) we cast a wary eye on a website called: Total Sorority Move. It tells us what is going through the mind of some of today’s sorority girls, the ones who value modest ladylike behavior.

Naturally, we read advice about how to deal with “unsolicited dick pics,” but we also read about how to judge your potential “fuckboy.” The clue is his taste in music. And then, chosen at random are articles entitled:

Nothing Ruins a Relationship Faster Than a Closeup Butthole Pic.

Am I a Prude Because I’ve Never Gone Down on a Girl.

All I Want for Christmas Is Not Having My Period Over the Summer

Stop Sleeping with Boys Your Vagina Only Feels “Meh” About

I Accidentally Lesbian Sexted My Straight Male Boss

If this represents some of what some women are putting out in the world, then perhaps some male behavior becomes more intelligible. 

In the meantime, MacDonald offers some useful analysis of the current #MeToo mania. She opens by remarking that, in the past, in the bad old days that Carolyn Hax disdained in a post yesterday, women’s default position for sex was: No. They did not have to explain why they did not want to have sex. They were assumed not to be going to have sex, regardless of whether or not they wanted it. Of course, liberation changed No to Yes.

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Twitter suspends a number of accounts potentially connected to Russian propaganda By Shepard Ambellas

Unproven 2017 Russian propaganda effort to influence the U.S. presidential election prompts Twitter to suspend over a half-of-a-million accounts

(INTELLIHUB) — It appears that the deep state and Twitter may be working hand in hand with each other to undermine the Trump Administration by further pursuing, identifying, and deleting a accounts that were “potentially connected” to the ongoing Russian propaganda effort which was initially triggered after Buzzfeed’s release of the Trump dossier.
Over 677,000 Twitter users received the email titled “Information Regarding Russian Influence Campaigns on Twitter.”
Intellihub founder and editor-in-chief Shepard Ambellas was sent the email on Saturday.

Populists in power. On the election of Donald Trump and the first year of his presidency. By Andrew C. McCarthy

Image result for Populists in power by Andrew C. McCarthy
That’s how you got Trump!” This phrase seemed at first to be a playful quip, uttered here and there as the Left’s shock and horror over the election of President Donald J. Trump manifested itself in memorably bizarre ways such as grieving centers on university campuses where tender twenty-somethings and the tenured radicals who instruct them were invited to stroke “therapy dogs,” scribble in coloring books, stack Legos, and do their brave best to cope. At Cornell, they even staged a “cry-in,” with the Ivy League university’s staff providing tissues and hot chocolate, gratis—or as gratis as it gets after mom and dad have ponied up the $65,494 in annual tuition and fees. Alas, it is not a quip anymore. “That’s how you got Trump!” has become a constant refrain.
Shock among self-proclaimed “progressives” has devolved into anger. Rage has fueled a full- time tantrum: a competition among distraught student bodies, Hollywood heavyweights, community organizers, pop stars, sanctuary-city pols, froth-flecked pundits, smoldering social media addicts, and rabble-rousers from Black Lives Matter to Antifa (a fascist projection outfit). All vie to be the most outraged, the most rabidly anti-Trump.
As we’ve transitioned from the populist candidacy of “The Donald” to nearly a year of populism in power, there are two things worth observing about the President and his opposition. The first involves the conventional wisdom that the United States is a deeply divided country. This misstates the case. What we are is an intensely divided country. To say that America is “deeply” divided implies what the left-leaning media would have us believe, namely, that the likes of Antifa and such politicians as Bernie Sanders (the self-proclaimed socialist who nearly bested Hillary Clinton for the Democratic presidential nomination) are representative of what roughly half the country thinks.
It is simply not true. Of course, it is incontestable that social justice warriors have made significant inroads on the campus. They hold sway over the organs of popular culture and public opinion. But they are punching way above their weight. In terms of raw numbers, they do not reflect what 50 percent of the country thinks but what 100 percent of the country is fed, night in and night out.

California, Poverty Capital. Why are so many people poor in the Golden State? By Kerry Jackson

Image result for California, Poverty Capital Why are so many people poor in the Golden State?
California—not Mississippi, New Mexico, or West Virginia—has the highest poverty rate in the United States. According to the Census Bureau’s Supplemental Poverty Measure—which accounts for the cost of housing, food, utilities, and clothing, and which includes noncash government assistance as a form of income—nearly one out of four Californians is poor. Given robust job growth in the state and the prosperity generated by several industries, especially the supercharged tech sector, the question arises as to why California has so many poor people, especially when the state’s per-capita GDP increased roughly twice as much as the U.S. average over the five years ending in 2016 (12.5 percent, compared with 6.27 percent).
It’s not as if California policymakers have neglected to wage war on poverty. Sacramento and local governments have spent massive amounts in the cause, for decades now. Myriad state and municipal benefit programs overlap with one another; in some cases, individuals with incomes 200 percent above the poverty line receive benefits, according to the California Policy Center. California state and local governments spent nearly $958 billion from 1992 through 2015 on public welfare programs, including cash-assistance payments, vendor payments, and “other public welfare,” according to the U.S. Census Bureau. Unfortunately, California, with 12 percent of the American population, is home today to roughly one in three of the nation’s welfare recipients. The generous spending, then, has not only failed to decrease poverty; it actually seems to have made it worse.
In the late 1980s and early 1990s, some states—principally Wisconsin, Michigan, and Virginia—initiated welfare reform, as did the federal government under President Bill Clinton and the Republican Congress. The common thread of the reformed welfare programs was strong work requirements placed on aid recipients. These overhauls were widely recognized as a big success, as welfare rolls plummeted and millions of former aid recipients entered the workforce. The state and local bureaucracies that implement California’s antipoverty programs, however, have resisted pro-work reforms. In fact, California recipients of state aid receive a disproportionately large share of it in no-strings-attached cash disbursements. It’s as if welfare reform passed California by, leaving a dependency trap in place. Immigrants are falling into it: 55 percent of immigrant families in the state get some kind of means-tested benefits, compared with just 30 percent of natives, according to City Journal contributing editor Kay S. Hymowitz.
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A US-Turkish Clash in Syria? By Patrick J. Buchanan

Pat Buchanan Books on Amazon
The war for dominance in the Middle East, following the crushing of ISIS, appears about to commence in Syria — with NATO allies America and Turkey on opposing sides.
Turkey is moving armor and troops south to Syria’s border enclave of Afrin, occupied by Kurds, to drive them out, and then drive the Syrian Kurds out of Manbij further south as well.
Says President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, “We will destroy all terror nests, one by one, in Syria, starting from Afrin and Manbij.”
For Erdogan, the Kurdish YPG, the major U.S. ally in Syria, is an arm of the Kurdish PKK in Turkey, which we and the Turks have designated as a terrorist organization.
While the Kurds were our most effective allies against ISIS in Syria, Turkey views them as a mortal peril and intends to deal with that threat.
If Erdogan is serious, a clash with the U.S. is coming, as our Kurdish allies occupy most of Syria’s border with Turkey.
Moreover, the U.S. has announced plans to create a 30,000-man Border Security Force of Kurds and Arabs to keep ISIS out of Syria.
Erdogan has branded this BSF a “terror army,” and President Bashar Assad of Syria has called BSF members “traitors.”
This U.S. plan to create a BSF inside Syria, Damascus declared, “represents a blatant attack on the sovereignty and territorial integrity and unity of Syria, and a flagrant violation of international law.”
Does not the Syrian government have a point?
Now that ISIS has been driven out of Raqqa and Syria, by what authority do U.S. forces remain to arm troops to keep the Damascus government from reimposing its authority on its own territory?
Secretary of State Tillerson gave Syria the news Wednesday.
The U.S. troop commitment to Syria, he said, is now open-ended.
Our goals: Guarantee al-Qaida and ISIS do not return and set up sanctuary; cope with rising Iranian influence in Damascus; and pursue the removal of Bashar Assad’s ruthless regime.
But who authorized this strategic commitment, of indefinite duration, in Syria, when near two decades in Afghanistan have failed to secure that nation against the return of al-Qaida and ISIS?

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US Humiliation of South Korea by David W. Pear

The two Koreas show some sanity by talking to each other, while the US throws an insane tantrum that South Korea is acting like an independent sovereign country, instead of a US colony.  The US is flabbergasted that South Korea is off the Washington war-message, and the US wants South Korea to just keep its mouth shut. 
Fearing that peace might break with the two Koreas talking, Washington instructed South Korean President Moon Jae-in to keep the message about anything but peace It is not just Trump.  A former top official for the Obama administration warned Moon that South Korea was not going to get anywhere with the North Koreans unless they have the “US behind them”.  What an insult, it is like saying that Moon’s “button” is not as big as Kim’s.  The sexual metaphor is exactly how the Washington elite want Moon to act: as Washington’s obedient eunuch without a button.  The official went on to say, “If South Koreans are viewed as running off the leash, it will exacerbate tension within the alliance”.  Running off the leash!  Is South Korea a US poodle?  Why doesn’t Moon act like an attack dog and bite the master’s hand to show that he has teeth!
During the talks it was agreed for North Korea’s participation in the Winter Olympics, and future talks to reduce tension.  Neocons such as John Bolton are outraged that North Korea has proven once again that it is willing to come to the table. Bolton says it is a trick and that it is “taking advantage of a weak South Korean government”, adding more insults at a friend. (1) To Washington, South Korea talking peace is weak, running off the leash and going it alone without its US master.   The North using the peace option is seen as a provocation and propaganda that Washington will not tolerate.  In retaliation the US sent more nukes to Guam.  That means that all options are on the US table, except sitting down and diplomacy. 
The US has been terribly unhappy with South Korea after the 2017 election of President Moon Jae-in, who was elected on a peace platform Unlike his predecessor Park Geun-hye who was impeached and is now in prison; Moon favors better relations with North Korea.  The self-interests in Washington prefer a corrupt warmonger like Park.  She sang from Washington’s hymnbook.  She even (allegedly) conspired with Washington to assassinate Kim Jong-Un. 
Peace is not anything that Washington’s plutocratic interests want to hear, although the South Korean people like it and elected Moon president by a wide margin.  The US wants to keep tensions high, keep the American people frightened of a North Korean boogeyman, keep large numbers of US troops in South Korea, install multi-billion dollar THAADS, and keep Korea divided.  Even if they start a nuclear war.
The public swallows whatever propaganda the US State Department puts out, and the mainstream media regurgitates it.  Every mention of Kim Jong-Un has the preamble that he is paranoid, unstable and refuses to talk.  The American people swallow it and are fooled again.  The public does not even remember that Bush fooled them with propaganda and invaded Iraq based on lies.  The past is lost in the public’s fog of chronic amnesia, and inconvenient facts go down the memory hole of the mainstream media.  The public has been told so many lies about Korea (North and South), over such a long period of time, that they have been thoroughly indoctrinated.  If the public wants to understand the US, South Korea and North Korea triangle, they should stop listening to the mainstream media and forget everything they think they know.
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#ReleaseTheMemo Explained: #DeepState Treachery That Will Blow Your Mind...

Trump’s Bubble Is Going To Implode In A Massive Market Crash Causing The...

"Immigrants Are Better Than Americans" - Seeking Insight

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Google Blogger needs truth in advertising.

The sudden drop in traffic for this site is most likely due to rigging by Zionists and SJW-types at Google. As a private company, Google has the right to enforce its biases, but there needs to be truth in advertising. Google should openly declare that it favors and works with Zionist imperialists against Palestinians AND programs algorithms to favor globalists and so-called 'liberals' over conservatives, gentile patriots, and speakers of truth to Zionist-Homo globalist supremacist power. Consider how Youtube(owned by Google) works with ADL to go after BDS but doesn't work with BDS against Zionists. Facebook, also owned by Zionist-supremacists and working with ADL, does the same thing.

If private companies want to favor their biases, fine. But they should do it openly and honestly that sneakily.

Smug Drug of Political Correctness

Why do people take certain illegal drugs. They want to get high and feel super. They want to be like insta-gods. Drugs — PCP, cocaine, amphetamines, heroin, meth, etc. — elevate their sense-of-being with euphoria that fills them with delusions of grandeur. Consider James Woods in the movie THE BOOST where his coke-head character feels he can do anything when high on powder. Cocaine boosts his ego with Mood Supremacism. He feels like the greatest player that ever lived. He feels invincible, better than all the rest. Addicted to the sensation, he returns to the drug for the high over and over and over, and eventually he can't do without it. 

Our world tends to associate ‘supremacism’ with ‘white racism’, but wanting to feel superior/supreme is a common trait among all peoples. Religions fill people with a sense of spiritual supremacism: "Our god or gods are better than yours", "God is on our side", "I am holier than thou". And the reason why women are so obsessed about cosmetics and celebrity is because they're drawn to the culture of Beauty Supremacism. Women want to look better than other women. 
And men are obsessed with sports that are premised on masculine supremacism of the tougher guys lording over weaker guys, making big bucks, and humping ‘hot babes’. 

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Jordan Peterson debate on the gender pay gap, campus protests and postmo...

Pat Buchanan on The Sean Hannity Show (1/18/2018)

Alt-Right Tonight (Beta) / The Sexual Frustration Theory

Ann Coulter Blasts Durbin over 'S***hole Countries' Claims

Jesse Jackson Gives Award to “Journalist” for Defeating James Edwards in Court

The lying “journalist” who wrote that I was a leader of the Ku Klux Klan justreceived an award from Jesse Jackson for beating me in court.
The Rev. Jesse Jackson told a Detroit audience Monday night on Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Day that it has never been easy in this nation to be a “marcher” for humanitarian causes and civil rights.
Marking this year’s holiday, Jackson’s Rainbow PUSH Coalition honored three Michiganders and South African Archbishop Desmond Tutu with Let Freedom Ring awards at the auto show.
The Michigan honorees were Bankole Thompson, journalist and opinion columnist for the Detroit News; Mark Schlissel, president of the University of Michigan, and Flint Mayor Karen Weaver. Jackson presented the Michigan three with their awards. Jackson accepted for Tutu, who was unable to attend.
In citing why the winners were chosen, the organization pointed to Thompson’s assertive and sometimes controversial writings.
“Thompson’s work has drawn the ire of leading ideological opponents, culminating in an important First Amendment victory before the Michigan Court of Appeals in a 2016 lawsuit filed against him by white nationalist James Edwards,” the program said.
This is remarkable. Being able to falsely write that I am a leader of the Ku Klux Klan and get away with it appears to be the culmination of one liar’s career, according to the official program of the awards ceremony emceed by Jesse Jackson on Monday.

How The British State Protects Paedophiles

What I Learned in the Peace Corps in Africa: Trump Is Right By Karin McQuillan

American Thinker
Three weeks after college, I flew to Senegal, West Africa, to run a community center in a rural town.  Life was placid, with no danger, except to your health.  That danger was considerable, because it was, in the words of the Peace Corps doctor, "a fecalized environment."
In plain English: s--- is everywhere.  People defecate on the open ground, and the feces is blown with the dust – onto you, your clothes, your food, the water.  He warned us the first day of training: do not even touch water.  Human feces carries parasites that bore through your skin and cause organ failure.
Never in my wildest dreams would I have imagined that a few decades later, liberals would be pushing the lie that Western civilization is no better than a third-world country.  Or would teach two generations of our kids that loving your own culture and wanting to preserve it are racism.
Last time I was in Paris, I saw a beautiful African woman in a grand boubou have her child defecate on the sidewalk next to Notre Dame Cathedral.  The French police officer, ten steps from her, turned his head not to see.
I have seen.  I am not turning my head and pretending unpleasant things are not true.
Senegal was not a hellhole.  Very poor people can lead happy, meaningful lives in their own cultures' terms.  But they are not our terms.  The excrement is the least of it.  Our basic ideas of human relations, right and wrong, are incompatible.
As a twenty-one-year-old starting out in the Peace Corps, I loved Senegal.  In fact, I was euphoric.  I quickly made friends and had an adopted family.  I relished the feeling of the brotherhood of man.  People were open, willing to share their lives and, after they knew you, their innermost thoughts.
The longer I lived there, the more I understood: it became blindingly obvious that the Senegalese are not the same as us.  The truths we hold to be self-evident are not evident to the Senegalese.  How could they be?  Their reality is totally different.  You can't understand anything in Senegal using American terms.

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Ex-CIA officer Jerry Chun Shing Lee suspected of spying for China

Who could have possibly predicted this? Certainly not the downs retards working at the CIA.

I guess they’re really stupid enough to believe that anyone who swears on the Constitution and pays their taxes or whatever can be a patriotic American. That’s why they let a gook into the upper echelons of the CIA from where he supplied the Chinese government info on American spies working in China.
This is levels of retarded that shouldn’t even be possible…but here we are.
Imagine being sat down by your CIA handler and told some steaming, heaping bullshit about how you stealing state secrets from x country will save American democracy or whatever and you’re waiting for him to shut up and just tell you how much money he’s offering for you to get your hands on the secrets, checking your phone under the table as you try to stay awake and you read this story.

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"Sh-thole" Countries Exist, but so do "Sh-thole" American Cities: What's the Common Denominator?

Ranking the worst "shitholes" in America:
1. Detroit
2. Camden 3. Newark 4. Baltimore 5. Birmingham 6. Memphis 7. New Orleans 8. St. Louis 9. Philadelphia 10. Jackson (MS)

Dishonorable mention: Milwaukee, Houston, Dallas, Charlotte, Indianapolis, AtlantaChicago, Oakland, Kansas City, Hartford.

What's the common denominator?

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