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'Russiagate' And The Decline Of Journalism - With Robert Parry

Print this post Print this post The Counter-Currents 2017 Fundraiser Encountering Counter-Currents by Margot Metroland

Greg asked me to pen this week’s fundraiser update to bring a fresh voice and perspective. Since last week’s update, we have received 23 donations (including 12 all-important pledges of monthly support) totaling $2,045.04. This brings the total for our fundraiser to $44,973.56. That puts us just short of 75% of the way to our goal of $60,000. I want to thank all of our donors for turning good intentions into good deeds.

How did you first stumble upon this website? 

For a lot of you, no doubt, it was through an intriguing link you saw on social media. Or maybe an Amazon review of a Counter-Currents book. And then you fell into the rabbit-hole and found yourself visiting the site every day, mesmerized by its breathtaking, encyclopedic coverage of history, philosophy, and popular culture.
I found my way here three years ago, and mine was a roundabout route indeed. To recap in brief: I was trying to contact an old friend in England, Bill Hopkins (one of the Angry Young Men of the 1950s) and found he had recently died. Wanting more information, I tried looking up his best friend, Colin Wilson, but Colin had recently died too. As had the publisher in Brighton who’d originally introduced us. This was getting weird.
But wait! Googling around I found the name of Jonathan Bowden—new to me, but apparently an old friend and fan of Bill’s, with a particularly keen appreciation for The Divine and the Decay, Bill’s “Blackshirt” novel of the late ’50s. Well, you know what happened next. I thought I’d get in touch with Bowden, but it seems Bowden died a few months after Bill. I simply had to share this story with someone, so I shot off an e-mail to a publisher called Counter-Currents, which apparently had published a couple of Bowden books. Greg Johnson replied almost immediately. It turns out that we are both New Yorkers, so only a couple of days later we had lunch near Columbus Circle.

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David Duke with proof Zionist neocons support ISIS

Let’s Break a Taboo by Jared Taylor

Salon Publishes Male Antifa’s Disturbing Article About His Violent Anti-White Fantasies sure knows how to pick its contributors.

From articles discussing the normalization of pedophilia to daily complaints about the patriarchy, at first I thought Salon must be deliberately scouring mental clinics for prospective authors due to the sheer volume of unsound rantings they produce, but no. Severe emotional disturbances and addictions just run in most people on the Left, which means Salon merely represents your average leftist Millennial’s thoughts and positions. The Tweeted GIF response below accurately depicts the work process of a contributor.
And so, the site’s latest assault upon our sanity is this piece titled My liberal white male rage: what should I do about it? by a paranoid schizophrenic teacher at an all-girls school who fantasizes about saving black people from blonde-haired, blue-eyed men by brutally beating up the latter. This teacher attends “anti-racist/anti-sexist white male groups” where he elaborates upon his hallucinations to other self-loathing cucks.
I’m being provoked by these fucking assholes, these men, and I want to lash out, punch back…
Also, I’m scared. I mean, what if one of them brings a gun? … I saw a civilian carrying an assault rifle in Arizona. Scared the shit out of me. So I feel doubly trapped. I don’t want to do what’s selfishly best for me — beating the shit out of one of these guys [note the assumption that I could] — and I also don’t want to die. So in that way, I also feel like, and it’s the only word that makes sense to me here, a pussy.
As if we needed any more proof on how unhinged so-called “feminist” men are…
Social justice warrior seminars and feminist studies brainwash men (some of whom are already disturbed) into confused, self-hating psychopaths who can barely conceal their anger over random small things not going their way. Men should not be like this. Manipulative and brooding, insecure over their imaginary “white privilege,” which keeps them perpetually groveling to minorities and women who will never love nor accept them due to their unnatural and weak dispositions. It’s frankly depressing to me, as it always is when witnessing the result of liberal progressive indoctrination. Also, as a woman, I can guarantee that no female on earth would dare have a long-term relationship or family with men like the author. The unpredictable minds and violent tendencies of male feminists can be sensed a mile away.

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Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Paris: Urbanism Done Too Well?

Ivanka pushes female empowerment

YouTube Admits Censoring Independent News Channels

Ivanka pushes female empowerment

Blacks Launch 'Cain and Abel' Memorial Project in Columbus, Georgia to Stop Black on Black Homicide Epidemic

Lost in the hilarious madness of the decline of the National Football League (NFL), entirely because white fans are turning off a professional sport where black millionaires are taking a knee during our national anthem, is what's happening in Columbus, Georgia. 

In this 43 percent white city (45 percent black), violent crime is entirely a black problem. Located roughly 60 miles from Atlanta, Columbus is a dystopia, where black crime has reached biblical proportions. ['Cain and Abel' project launch fights black-on-black crime,, 9-24-17]:
As founder of the Columbus Black History Museum, Johnnie Warner noticed a disturbing trend in the black community. 
"... Prior to the end of the Civil Rights Movement, there were so many lynchings and killings of the black males by the whites," he said. "And here we are now, we're still living in fear - but because of us."
First off, this isn't a proper Afrocentric view of the Holy Bible... 
To address the issue, Warner launched a "Cain and Abel" memorial project in 2016 to denounce black-on-black crime in the community. He started by collecting the name of every local black person killed by someone of their race from January 2013 to December 2015. The list has 57 names. 
But it doesn't include those killed among the 26 homicides of 2016, or the 26 homicides that the Columbus Police Department has already recorded for 2017. 
Muscogee Coroner Buddy Bryan puts the number at 32, because he does not differentiate between a homicide that police consider a murder and one they categorize as manslaughter or a justifiable shooting. 

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How America Became the “Pressure-Cooker” Nation by John Horvat

The left is politicizing our calming safety-valve institutions—the national anthem, marriage, statues, even leisure—damning them as expressions of an oppressive regime that must be overthrown. But these institutions need to be defended in order to relieve the pressures that are mounting and tearing society apart…
If there is an image that represents the present state of the nation, it might be a pressure cooker. Such cooking devices are not much used in these microwave days of instant everything. The hermetically-sealed appliance uses steam pressure to penetrate foods and cook them quickly with a lower loss of vitamin or minerals associated with normal boiling. The key to successful pressure cooking is the proper functioning of the safety valve that can release excess steam and prevent explosions.
The situation inside America today is very much like a pressure cooker. The powerful forces involved in today’s events and debates build up pressure that quickly penetrates into the culture and political arena. As the conflicts between the diverse factions increase, the pressure is reaching dangerously high levels.
The Need for Safety Values
Differences are natural to the political life of any nation. People, groups, and political parties will always disagree on some issues. However, there are usually shared principles, symbols, ideals, or even pastimes or places that serve as safety values to alleviate the inevitable frictions of living life in common. Every society needs safety valve institutions to serve as outlets for pent-up energy or emotion.
The problem today is that these safety-value institutions are under attack everywhere. In fact, they are now deliberately thrown into the pressurized debate and not allowed to function as they should. It is an explosive situation.


A man who liked dressing up in brown shirts and lederhosen, and posing with swastikas and Nazi crap, has turned out to be not only gay but also Jewish, effectively ticking both boxes of the majority of those who like LARPing as (((Nazis))). 

The man in question is Kevin Wilshaw, formerly a member of the National Front, a British nationalist party that was heavily infiltrated by government spies and destabilised from within, with the help of LARPers like Wilshaw, who helped to provide the kind of "bad optics" that put "normies" off voting in their own best interests, and allowed mass immigration and multiculturalism in Britain to reach toxic levels. 

The revelations were made after Wilshaw renounced the party he had helped sabotage in an attempt to climb on the "anti-nationalism" gravy train. 

Wilshaw was a National Front organiser in the 1980s and was still active earlier this year when he would speak at events. 

He said he is disowning the movement and leaving the National Front because, as a gay, Jewish, he simply doesn't feel the party is Nazi enough for his tastes anymore. 

Gay and Jewish men have a long history of being strongly attracted to (((Nazi LARPy))) stuff and any groups or parties that indulge this strange fetish. This even goes back to the original Nazis who were riddled with gays, while later (((Neo-Nazi))) movements, which were often designed to discredit White nationalism, had more than their fair share of Jews, which still surprises a lot of normies.

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Sunday, October 15, 2017

Political Violence Is Inevitable In America

The future looks like it has a lot of Balkanization and political violence in it.
The shooting in Las Vegas is part and parcel now of living in the West. Nowhere in the West is it more evident now than in America that the many racial and ethnic groups are fighting over a carcass. A dead bag of ideas and principles that has been festering since at least 1965.
The many ethnic and racial groups that comprise modern America are scavenging at this carcass in a desperate frenzy to grasp what resources from it that they can and as those resources begin to run out it will lead to confrontation and conflict.
The country is on the edge of a radical conflict that will change the very geopolitical and demographic makeup of the North American continent. The old America of 1965 is dead and it’s time her former peoples go their separate ways to forge a new existence apart from one another.
If the people who formerly used to call themselves Americans continue to fight over this carcass they will spark this aforementioned conflict and blood will be spilled. We see now that African Americans are ‘taking the knee’ to protest a country which they feel has treated them as second-class citizens throughout various points in history.
They have the right to feel this way.
According to nearly 43% of African Americans don’t believe America will make the changes necessary to give them equality. Meanwhile, affirmative action and massive welfare programs to re-distribute the nation’s wealth have remained in place for over half a century in an attempt to lift up Black America. Still, 66% of Blacks feel that they are treated less fairly when applying for a home loan and 75% are under the impression they are treated unfairly in the criminal justice system, a system which was purposely built to be the least biased in the world. Because of this perception of their situation, they have begun to demand change that not even they themselves believed  White Americans would give them.
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Harvey Weinstein: Jews Need to be “As Organized as the Mafia”

This is a priceless article from 2015, well worth re-reading. One notorious Jewish con man accepts a humanitarian award named after another notorious Jewish con man, Simon Wiesenthal.

“We better stand up and kick these guys in the ass,” movie mogul Harvey Weinstein said about present-day anti-Semites as he accepted the Humanitarian Award at the Simon Wiesenthal Center’s National Tribute Dinner on Tuesday night at the Beverly Hilton. “We’re gonna have to get as organized as the mafia,” he continued. “We just can’t take it anymore [from] these crazy bastards.”
At the conclusion of a ceremony that celebrated four Jewish and gentile heroes (several posthumously), and at which more than a dozen Holocaust survivors were asked to stand and be applauded, Weinstein was introduced by his longtime friend and competitor Jeffrey Katzenberg — the event’s master of ceremonies — and Christoph Waltz. The actor has twice won the best supporting actor Oscar for roles in Weinstein films, the first time for portraying a Nazi in Inglourious Basterds. Weinstein said to hearty applause, “Too bad movies can’t all be like Inglourious Basterds, where Hitler gets what he deserves.” 
Weinstein, 63, then went off-script to speak about his father, who was a sergeant stationed in Cairo during World War II. The elder Weinstein aided the Haganah (the precursor to the IDF before Israel was a state) and later taught his sons about anti-Semitism. Weinstein emphasized his concern about anti-Semitism around the world, which Wiesenthal Center studies indicate is at its highest levels since the end of World War II.
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Thursday, October 12, 2017

The fellas are driving people crazy in Kansas City and Wilmington. Again

Were The Founding Fathers 'Racist'? | Jared Taylor

Why the Alt-Right Will Win

Lessons from the Harvey Weinstein Debacle

Try as we might it’s impossible to avoid Harvey Weinstein. Initial reports of a couple of instances of sexual harassment have now metastasized into multiple reports of innumerable instances of sexual assault and even rape. One will be forgiven for hoping that Weinstein be brought before the bar of justice for his actions. We are well beyond improprieties. Many of the actions seem more like felonies. Hopefully, prosecutors will no longer be cowed by an entertainment mogul.

For the record Ronan Farrow’s long expose in the New Yorker yesterday seems to have tipped the scales beyond the point of recovery. Farrow’s article is clear and well-written. Congratulations to him. Of course, he is also Woody Allen’s son… though no one seems to want to mention the point. For the record, we also congratulate the New York Times for breaking the story.

True enough, as we and others have opined, the story's appearance must have something to do with the fact that Weinstein is nearly washed up. Still, the liberal outrage machine has taken a very big hit… and it was not generated by Fox News.

Among the salient observations, the Weinstein debacle has cast a serious pall on the virtue signaling of Hollywood celebrities. These progressive icons, ever at the ready to chastise anyone on the other side of the political divide with gross immorality, have now been exposed as self-righteous hypocrites, perfectly willing to trade sex for power and to allow a score of young actresses to be sexually abused by an entertainment mogul. As happened in the case of Bill Clinton they condone sexual harassment when the perpetrator is one of their own. Progressive men are not just given a pass. They are given free access to young women... to do as they please. This much Harvey Weinstein understood.

Unable to defend members of their own community, self-righteous feminists are in serious moral trouble. Of course, they do not know enough to know how much trouble they’re in, but time will tell them.

Beyond The Wall 41: King of Pol

To directly download this episode click here

In this episode we had the great pleasure of chatting with King of Pol, of Gamergate fame. We talk about his involvement in the Gamergate movement, what he thinks about it, what happened to it and of course many many more topics with our distinct and patented High Effort Shitposting style.

In the taco stand we have: Cavernario and Paul; Special Guest: King of Pol

King of Pol's Twitch because his twitter got shoah'd: oy vey

Mexican Black Hawk gunship action
CIA runs the drug business
Abby Martin on Joe Rogan
Pedos in Hollywood

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Julius Evola and the Rebirth of Radical Traditionalism

Arktos announces our campaign to publish English editions of four of Evola's previously untranslated works in the coming six months.

About this project

Arktos is proud to be one of the forefront publishers of the seminal Traditionalist philosopher, Julius Evola. Despite Evola’s key importance to Traditionalism, many of his books still remain untranslated. We are excited to announce our campaign to publish English editions of four of these previously untranslated works in the coming six month period.

The books we plan to publish are:

Recognitions — Julius Evola’s final book, this collection of forty brief but trenchant and uncompromising essays encapsulates the author’s rich and varied career. Evola here touches on most of the major themes to which he dedicated his life’s work, presenting his final formulations on some of the key figures and problems of our times. The result is a masterful survey of past, present, and future, indispensable as a reference for those familiar with Evola, and ideal as an introduction for those new to him.

The Bow and the Club — This rich collection of essays from Evola’s final period covers wide and fertile ground in the fields of culture and politics. From spiritual initiation to the questions of race and homosexuality, from modernity to the Tradition, from a ruthless critique of contemporary vulgarity to the investigation of the glory of the past, the topics treated are both exceptionally relevant to our times and of transcendent value in themselves.

The Myth of the Blood — A magisterial overview of the problem of human races, The Myth of the Blood follows the development of the concept of race from antiquity to modern times. Working from historical, mythical, scientific, and philosophical perspectives, the author confronts a notoriously difficult issue with a most uncommon mixture of fearlessness, fairness, and erudition.

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‘Blade Runner 2049’: A Mexican in Los Angeles - Steve Sailer

Blade Runner 2049 is a remarkably faithful sequel/tribute to the old noir science-fiction cult film. Although set in Los Angeles’ snowy summer of 2049, thirty years after the first movie’s rainy autumn of 2019, it audaciously replicates most of the crowd-displeasing traits of that famous box office flop.
Denis Villeneuve, the French-Canadian director of Sicario and Arrival, is a competent successor to Sir Ridley Scott. If you loved the original Blade Runner, you’ll likely like the new one.
Much as the old one, the new Blade Runner 2049 is a slow-moving, visually magnificent but also oppressive, highbrow, vaguely Christological ambiguous allegory featuring a star in his prime (Harrison Ford then, Ryan Gosling now) giving a flat performance.
To be honest, though, not that many people actually enjoyed Blade Runner in 1982. For instance, embarrassingly, I didn’t. Yet, as I was watching the impressive new film slowly wear out its welcome, I was reminded once again that the first Blade Runner was perhaps more interesting to argue about than to see.
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