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Von Economo Neurons: The Neural Basis for Self-Awareness, Social Awareness, and the Moral Sense?

In the summer of 1996, I participated in a Summer Institute on the Biology of Human Nature at Dartmouth College, directed by Roger Masters and Robert Perlman.  At the time, I was finishing my book manuscript Darwinian Natural Right: The Biological Ethics of Human Nature; and this Summer Institute helped me think through many of the questions for the book, including the fundamental question of the biological basis for the human mind and morality.

We spent one afternoon at a human dissection lab at Dartmouth Medical School, where a professor of neurology guided us in our dissection of two human brains.  We talked about how the human brain compares with the brains of other animals.  And we asked what might make the human brain unique.  As we sliced up these brains, I remember asking myself: Where's the soul?  How does the soul or mind arise in the evolution of the brain?

At one point, the neurology professor suggested that part of the answer as to the uniqueness of the human brain might be special neurons--particularly, "spindle neurons" that seem to facilitate fast communication across distant neural networks in the large human brain, neurons that are found only in certain areas of the human brain and possibly in some other primate brains.  Looking back on this, I assume that the professor had read a recently published article on spindle neurons in the human anterior cingulate cortex (Nimchinsky et al. 1995). 

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Ten Odd Facts about Handel’s “Messiah”

This weekend Handel’s Messiah gets pulled out at The Classical Girl household, an annual event during Triduum (more formally referred to as the Paschal Triduum), that three-day sacred period commencing with Holy Thursday and culminating with Easter. Although Messiah was written in three parts to depict Jesus’ life and resurrection, and therefore works for Christmas as well as Easter, it has Easter morning written all over it for me.
Messiah is an oratorio, which is sort of like an opera without the acting, grand pantomiming, and expensive sets, and tells a sacred story, not a racy one. Handel composed more than twenty oratorios. He’d composed plenty of operas (final tally: forty), but they were more expensive to produce, and the popularity of his opera works had begun fading. In 1741 he decided to take a break from it all and leave his London base for a sabbatical in Ireland. It was here that he composed Messiah. It premiered in Dublin on April 13, 1742, during Easter season.

ACLU mad about New Orleans $40 million crime camera initiative because it will show black people committing all the violent crime in the city

The most important function of the state - and their hired enforcers of the executive branch, the police - must perform is to protect black people from being judged correctly for the disproportionate criminality and dysfunction they create. 

In our multiracial society, where the law has been supplanted with the iron law of minority rule, white people have sacrificed the civilization their ancestors passed on to them in the vain hope of the pursuit of equality as our greatest societal good. 

Thus, we have the state and the media working in tandem to actively censor and coverup the shocking criminality the black community is uniquely responsible for, even if this act puts law abiding citizens and their private property at risk. 

Enter New Orleans, a roughly 60 percent black city overwhelmed by black violent crime. Indeed almost all the violent crime (homicides and nonfatal shootings) are committed by black males

The city relies upon tourism as the lifeblood fueling economic development, so white people fearing a trip to the Crescent City is a problem the chamber of commerce cannot tolerate. 

In an effort to cut down on crime, particularly white tourists/white convention goers being attacked in the French Quarter, a $40 million public safety initiative to utilize an intricate web of surveillance cameras to solve crimes just went live. Private business can upload their security feeds for the monitoring system, enabling heightened surveillance to keep people and property safe. 

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Why America Was Never Great Again By Brother Nathanael Kapner

FUTURE GENERATIONS BY 2020 with far-sighted vision will look back and hardly see that the ‘Jewish Question’ has left a few with troubling consternation.
Not that the question of Jewish unbelief is even relevant…nonetheless, it’s worth considering for future generations to reminisce.
Jews in our post-gentile modern world don’t believe in anything. They don’t even make a show of believing in God let alone making a pretense of it.
Jews are atheists in the main stream, secularists in the majority, and irreligious in their manipulations. Why else would they clamor for war? They’ve infiltrated both parties leaving the hapless country without a choice of political preference.
It’s a matter of what flavor of Jewish control the goy gets, Republicanish yiddishee flavor? or Democratish yiddishee flavor.
T.S. Eliot summed it up:
The population should be homogeneous; where two or more cultures exist in the same place they are likely either to be fiercely self-conscious or both to become adulterate. What is still more important is unity of religious background, and reasons of race and religion combine to make any large number of free-thinking Jews undesirable.
What Eliot affirms is that like a mole dug into society’s mold, the ‘free-thinking’ Jew will chew up its unity, effeminize its will, and annihilate its moral purview.
Simple-minded Gentiles will ask, “Why then are Jews so diversified in their opinions? They apparently are not united in any so-called influence peddling, are they?”

Well sure. There’s Zionist Jews, anti-Zionist Jews, pro-Israel Jews, not-so-pro-Israel Jews, pro-Trump Jews, anti-Trump Jews, pro-right Jews, pro-left Jews, pro-Russia Jews, anti-Russia Jews, pro-Muslim Jews, anti-Muslim Jews, and so on and so forth.

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Ex-Spy Chief: We Shouldn't Have Targeted Trump

Busting Statist and Scripture-Based Fibs for a Borderless America by ILANA MERCER

When preaching immigration leniency and lawlessness in America, immigration bleeding hearts should lay off the Hebrew Bible, Leviticus 19:34, in particular.
“The stranger that sojourneth with you shall be unto you as the home-born among you, and thou shalt love him as thyself; for ye were strangers in the land of Egypt.”
One Rev. Ryan M. Eller, on Tucker Carlson’s show, gave a dissembling and misleading reading of the tract, in mitigation of the immigration status of Kate Steinle’s killer.
The reverend glibly translated the word “sojourn” to mean citizens living among you, the latter having created, presumably, an immutable reality on the ground.
In appropriating the Hebrew text to his humanistic ends, Rev. Eller left-out that Leviticus 19:34 is a reference to strangers who are temporarily in your country.
A “sojourn” is a “temporary stay; a brief period of residence.” The Hebrew word “ger” means alien, stranger, not citizen.
The Hebrew Testament is not the New Testament. It’s not the text you want to use in spreading the Christian, “We Are The World” dogma. For it revolves around distinguishing the Jews and their homeland from the nations of the world.
What is commonly called the Old Testament, I read in the Hebrew, free of the bowdlerization that often accompanies the Christianized translations. As I read it, our Bible was not meant to meld the Jewish People with the world.
The opposite is true.
While it evinces ground-breaking exploration of natural, universal justice—and a lot of not-so-merciful meting out of “justice”—the Hebrew Bible is something of a parochial document.
Undergirding what Christians call the Old Testament is a message of particularism, not universalism. The ancient Hebrews would have been appalled by many a modern, left-liberal Jew who has betrayed the nationalistic message underlying the 24 best-written books ever.
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“Habibi! Aluminium!”
The call echoes through the courtyard of a trash-strewn home in Tal Afar, a remote outpost in northern Iraq. It is late September and still hot, the kind of heat that seems to come from all sides, even radiate up from the ground, and the city is empty except for feral dogs and young men with guns.
“Habibi!” Damien Spleeters shouts again, using the casual Arabic term of endearment to call out for Haider al-Hakim, his Iraqi translator and partner on the ground.
Spleeters is a field investigator for Conflict Armament Research (CAR), an international organization funded by the European Union that documents weapons trafficking in war zones. He is 31 years old, with a 1980s Freddie Mercury mustache and tattoos covering thin arms that tan quickly in the desert sun. In another context, he’d be mistaken for a hipster barista, not an investigator who has spent the past three years tracking down rocket-­propelled grenades in Syria, AK-47-style rifles in Mali, and hundreds of other weapons that have found their way into war zones, sometimes in violation of international arms agreements. The work Spleeters does is typically undertaken by secretive government offices, such as the US Defense Intelligence Agency’s Military Material Identification Division, known as Chuckwagon. But while Chuckwagon is barely discoverable by Google, Spleeters’ detailed reports for CAR are both publicly available online and contain more useful information than any classified intelligence I ever received when I was commanding a bomb disposal unit for the US military in Iraq in 2006.
In that fight, guerrillas ambushed American soldiers with IEDs. The devices I saw during my tours were largely hidden in the ground or deployed as massive car bombs, detonated in marketplaces and schools so that the gutters filled with blood. But the majority of those devices were crude, held together with duct tape and goopy solder. The few rockets and mortars the fighters possessed were old and shoddy, lacked the correct fuzes, and often failed to detonate.
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Democrats abandon the resist Trump movement when it comes to Jerusalem

Democrats usually jump at opportunities to counter Trump’s reckless and incendiary policies. That is, when the policies don’t have to do with the state of Israel.
The origins of the Jerusalem controversy date back to the 1947 UN General Assembly partition dividing Palestine into two states (under protest by the majority Palestinian population living there). Rather than giving Jerusalem either to Israel or Palestine, the UN recommended the city be corpus separatum, a “separated body,” administered by the United Nations. The UN’s plan was never implemented. Instead in 1948 Israel ended up with control of the Western half of the city and Jordan held East Jerusalem and the West Bank. In 1967, Israel “unified the city” by occupying the eastern half as well.
Despite numerous UN resolutions calling for Israel to withdraw, Israel has continued to hold the land and take concrete measures to annex it. These actions have included the building of the separation wall to include East Jerusalem within Israel’s boundaries, revoking the residency permits of Palestinian Jerusalemites, home demolitions and ongoing settlement growth. An 2017 bill in the Knesset even tried to formally annex 19 settlements surrounding Jerusalem into the Jerusalem municipality. Transportation Minister Israel Katz proudly declared the intent of the legislation as being to “ensure a Jewish majority in the united city and to expand its borders by adding 150,000 residents to the area of a greater Jerusalem.” Israeli anti-settlement group, Peace Now, succeeded in generating enough opposition that its authors watered it down from blatant annexation. The Prime Minister delayed the planned October 2017 vote on it due to lack of support and possible U.S. disapproval. However, if passed, it would still amount to de facto annexation of the 19 settlements.
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Why Black Athletes Dominate Sports | Jon Entine and Stefan Molyneux

This is Europa Podcast Ep 14: The (De)Evolution of the Anti-White Narrative

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Hate Hoax Map

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Hate crimes are considered a serious problem. There are increased penalties for crimes motivated even “in part” by prejudice, and the FBI issues an annual report on hate crimes. Hate crimes—which are also known as “bias crimes”—are reportedly on the rise since the candidacy and presidency of Donald Trump. However, a number of high-profile alleged hate crimes have proven to be hoaxes that were staged by the victim.
How many hate crimes are hoaxes? How often does a black person send himself racist hate mail or a Muslim woman falsely claim that whites tore off her hijab? No government agency counts these incidents, but now we can answer these questions.
We have done an analysis of recent hate-crime hoaxes with a particular concentration on the period beginning June 2015—the month Donald Trump announced his candidacy—and ending December 2017. We believe there were enough hoaxes in that two-and­-a-half year period to provide what we believe are representative data.
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Op-ed: Harvard student publicly confesses to discussing attractiveness of women

The desire to be included made the risk of speaking up too great’
A Harvard student recently made a bold public declaration, admitting that, while at a bar with friends one time, he talked about the attractiveness of the women in his class.
Daniel Hanrahan, a master’s student in Public Policy at Harvard’s Kennedy School of Government, wrote in The Harvard Crimson this week that “the Harvard community is responsible for sexual assault.” Hanrahan notes that, while the men who sexually assault women are ultimately the ones responsible for their crimes, we should also not ignore “the behavior of people not directly involved in sexual assaults.” It is up to bystanders, Hanrahan writes, to help put an end to sexual assault culture.
“Had their enablers taken the harder, riskier option and spoken up,” Hanrahan writes, “[Harvey] Weinstein and [Roy] Moore might have been stopped. Had more people in the Harvard community spoken up to combat sexist comments and behaviors, the strength of rape culture on campus would have weakened and assaults might have been prevented.”

3D model of China’s first stealth fighter reveals its greatest strengths and weaknesses

  • China’s J-20 stealth jet is getting closer to completion, and it poses a real threat to the US’s weapons systems.
  • The J-20 has many of the F-35’s most favorable features, but slightly worse stealth.
  • China has created the first stealth fighter outside of the US, and it will only improve it further.

China’s Chengdu J-20, the first stealth jet ever produced by anyone other than the US, has presented a mystery to American military planners trying to maintain an edge in the Pacific.
As China gets closer and closer to actually fielding the revolutionary jet, details are becoming more abundant, and its role in the future of warfare more apparent.
The Center for Strategic and International Studies has put together a report on the J-20, complete with a 3D interactive model that shows the plane’s greatest strengths and weaknesses.
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Threatening Jewish Prosperity - Steve Sailer

There’s actually a sane, quite reasonable explanation for why so much of the media’s embarrassing levels of Trump Trauma and Putin Psychosis stem from Jewish paranoia.
In the latest of an endless series of incidents, the national press is in a tizzy over Republican Alabama senatorial candidate Roy Moore’s wife pointing out that their lawyer is Jewish. The wisdom of having a Jewish lawyer is, of course, a stereotype, so Southern Republicans aren’t supposed to mention it.
A few hours before that, in response to the latest Muslim attempt to blow up a Manhattan tourist attraction, verified blue checkmark David Rothschild tweeted:
Dear rest of USA,
Whatever we learn over next few hours, New Yorkers do NOT want you to restrict immigrants or harass Muslims due to incident in NYC. They are vital part of our economy & society.
Thank You!
New Yorkers
PS. Happy to talk about 35,000 killed by guns each year.
7:03 AM - 11 Dec 2017
I assumed this was an anti-Semitic parody account, but it’s not. David Rothschild is a good example of how 21st-century Jewish writers, despite the world’s potentially strongest critical thinking skills, increasingly lack the self-awareness to get the joke.
In truth, everyone of goodwill, Jewish and gentile alike, would profit from taking the time to think about the 20th-century events that make so many Jewish-Americans concerned for their futures.
And no, I’m not talking about the Holocaust.
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Welcome To The Hell Hole That Is Brussels by Tyler Durden

  • Last month alone in Brussels, there were three separate outbreaks of rioting and looting on a major scale.
  • If you penetrate the thick cloud of professional indignation to scrutinize the reality of the "capital of Europe", what you see in many respects is actually a hell hole, one where socialism, Islamism, riots and looting are the new normal.
When then-candidate Donald Trump noted in January 2016 that, thanks to mass immigration, Brussels was turning into a hell hole, Belgian and European politicians presented a united front at the (media) barricades: How dare he say such a thing? Brussels, capital of the European Union, the very quintessence of the post-modern world, the avant-garde of the coming new "global civilization," a hell hole? Of course assimilating newcomers is not always easy, and there may be friction from time to time. But never mind, they said: Trump is a buffoon, and anyway, he has zero chance of getting elected. Such were the thoughts of those avid readers of The New York Times International Edition and regular watchers of CNN International.
However, Donald Trump, in his unmistakable, brash style, was quite simply right: Brussels is rapidly descending into chaos and anarchy. Exactly two months after that dramatic Trumpism, Brussels was eviscerated by a horrific Islamic terror attack that left 32 people dead. And that was only the tip of the monstrous iceberg that has built up over three decades of mass immigration and socialist madness.
Last month alone in Brussels, there were three separate outbreaks of rioting and looting on a major scale.
First, there was the qualification of the Moroccan team to the soccer World Cup: between 300 and 500 "youths" of foreign origin took to the streets of Brussels to "celebrate" the event in their own way, looting dozens of shops in the historical center of Brussels, wreaking havoc in the deserted avenues of the "capital of civilization" and, during their riot, injuring 22 police officers.

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The Privilege No One Wants by Gregory Hood

Please! Let me be anything but white.

The power of “white privilege,” we are told, is all but unlimited. It underlies all our institutions. It is responsible for all non-white shortcomings. Its evil infects every white person and brings them wealth and power. To be white is to be one of the lords of creation, filled with what certified MacArthur Genius Ta-Nehisi Coates calls the “eldritch energies” dwelling within the “glowing amulet” of whiteness.

Yet even those non-white Americans who could claim the sacred status of whiteness—for example, Arabs classified as “white” by the Census Bureau—resist its power, not out of principle, but because they know the truth: In modern America, “whiteness” is a mark of Cain, not a key to status. And political power comes from shedding the imagined privileges of whiteness, and securing the actual privileges of non-whiteness.

For that reason, what are now called “Americans of Middle Eastern and North Africa descent (MENA)” are clamoring for a new category on the 2020 census so they will no longer be called white. Dr. Germine Awad, a college professor who profits from the multicultural racket, claims her co-ethnics need a separate category to symbolize “their marginalization and lack of recognition in the United States.” Without their own classification, “Americans of Arab and Middle Eastern origins are not accounted for when it comes to social services,” and are “left out in analyses assessing the educational, health and economic needs of minority groups.” A MENA designation is thus a way for Arabs and others to trade on their identity, claim inequality, and get more government benefits.

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White DNA Is An "Abomination"

Where Black people create food deserts, they also create thriving conditions for memorial t-shirt markets

It was a New York Times article sent by reader that made me laugh, for it was detailing one of the primary machines of aggressive economic growth wherever the Visible Black Hand of Economics is found. [Memorial T-Shirts Create a Little Justice, a Tiny Peace, New York Times, 11-14-17]:
An actual story from the Daytona Times -- East Central Florida's Black Voice

The standard commemorative T-shirt is a white crew neck that bears, in vibrant, idiosyncratic detail, the name and visage of the dead. These shirts are commissioned by mourners, typically to be worn at funerals or other memorial gatherings in the first days and weeks after a death. The afternoon sun doesn’t reach the furthest corners of the shop, where the design equipment lives and where Mr. Ray and Mr. Virgin work, along with Jeremy Carnegan, a graphic designer, and two men named Lamont (one goes by “Skee,” the other, “LA”). The technical implements of their craft are artificially lit, with Mr. Ray weaving in and out of the harsh fluorescence as he works.
The shop is part of a network of funerary proprietors between 75th and 79th Streets. Big City and its florist neighbor, along with a printer of funeral programs and the Leak and Sons Funeral Home, all black-owned, together ferry the bereaved through the process of mourning the newly dead. This is work that must be reconciled with the limitations of time and finance.

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It Could Happen to Anyone

No one can explain why the jew, g*d's chosen and a being of purest goodness, is constantly attacked by the rest of humanity, the future slaves they affectionately call "cattle." There is ordinary and boring evil in the world and this banal malevolence often assumes the shape of incorrectly made swastikas in highly credible "Hey rabbi, watcha doin'?!?" incidents. It's critical we have a "conversation" about the attacks on the innocent and loving merchant and if a little free labor can be obtained from theshkotzim in the process, so much the better.

A large swastika was spray painted on the garage door of a Jewish family in Charlotte, North Carolina.

This is proof that you deserve your coming genocide, gentiles. Working for your racial survival is wicked, just look at my garage door and not my paint-soaked hands if you have any lingering doubts about the inherent evil of your existence.

The swastika was drawn days after the family put up decorations for Hanukkah, the family’s rabbi, Dusty Klass, told the television station.

Meet the literal "Hey rabbi" from our favorite cartoon. A minor holiday that the demonic jew used as a cudgel against Christian traditions is under attack! We need a lot more speech and thought crime laws, that's for sure.

The rabbi said the family wanted people to know that the incident had occurred to open a discussion about it.

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Star Wars: The Last SJW


Every now and then the blue check marks on Twitter pipe up with the mindless mantra that “Diversity is our Strength.” 

Erm…yes and no. 

What they usually mean is that America is the most powerful country in the World because it has the most diversity.

Viewed on a micro level—say, hopping in and out of Uber drives between visiting various eateries in LA or New York—that may very well seem to be true. But viewed on the macro level, it is quite another thing.

In fact, it can be said quite categorically that the USA is the most powerful country in the world because it was, and to a considerable degree still is, a unique machine of anti-diversity.

To put things in a nutshell: America is powerful—as opposed to strong (which implies health and future power)—because the diversities of other countries cancelled each other out.

Diversity when it exists in one state creates either hierarchy with tyrannical leanings or else it creates chaos—either leading back to a stronger form of hierarchy, tyrannical homogenisation, or bifurcation.

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GW Students Establish The Internationalist Students’ Front To Fight Oppression Worldwide . . . And Start By Seeking To Ban Books At Campus Library

The GW Hatchet, our award-winning student newspaper, has another interesting article this week on the establishment of a new group on campus, the Internationalist Students’ Front, an anti-fascist, anti-nationalist organization.  They are advocates of internationalism, a position similar to the prior world socialist movement.  The addition of such groups are a good thing for our university in bringing diverse and passionate views to our campus debates.  However, it is worrisome that the first organized effort of the group is reportedly to ban a book on campus.
 Sophomore Sheng Zhang explained that the group is defined by “internationalism” which “means that we stand in solidarity with every single struggle against oppression in the world.”  He said that the group was founded after his effort to host an event on the Kurdish people failed due to any organization with a focus that covered such a topic.  Senior Alaina Taylor adds that the group wants to advance new ideas and perspectives on historical events, including U.S. atrocities.
That is all for the good.
Then I read the first effort of the group would be book banning.  The group wants Gelman Library to ban two books. Only one is referenced in the article. It is  “The Alleged ‘Nanking Massacre’: Japan’s Rebuttal to China’s Forged Claims” – a book that contests the historical (and well established) allegations of Japanese atrocities in World War II.

Okayed Ullah, "the nephew of an American citizen... benefited from what the officials called 'extended family chain migration.'"

That's the stark photograph at the NYT. It has the notation "The photograph was provided by a city employee." I guess the city employee doesn't want a photo credit, perhaps because he was violating rules by taking that picture and/or sharing it with the press.

The NYT article — "Suspect in Times Square Bombing Leaves Trail of Mystery"— tells us that Ullah lived in the Flatlands neighborhood in Brooklyn, next door to a guy named Alan Butrico, who had a problem with him: "He used to block the driveway. His family used to block the driveway all the time." Yesterday, he blocked traffic in the subway, by detonating an explosive in the tunnel between 2 major subway lines in Manhattan.

Although that article purports to delve into the "mystery" of Okayed Ullah — and whoever "okayed" him for immigration should be delved into — it does not contain the element I'm searching for (which I heard in the NYT "Daily" podcast this morning). Ah, here it is in another NYT piece, "Bomber Strikes Near Times Square, Disrupting City but Killing None":

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Over 1,000 localities, 78 oil and gas fields and two deposits of phosphate ores have been liberated in Syria over the past 227 days, commander of Russia’s military group in Syria Colonel-General Sergey Surovikin has told Russian President Vladimir Putin during this visit to the Khmeimim airbase on December 12. In total, the area of 67,000 square kilometers has been liberated.
Col. Gen. Surovikin added that Russian warplanes have flown 6,956 sorties and helicopters have conducted more than 7,000 sorties killing over 32,000 militants and destroying 394 battle tanks and 12,000 pieces of other equipment.
The general revealed that Russia is set to withdraw 23 warplanes of different types and 2 Ka-52 attack helicopters, the military police force, the commando unit, the field hospital and the mine-clearing center. The remaining forces will continue conducting tasks in the country.
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Harvard formally adopts sanctions on single-gender clubs

Harvard University announced Tuesday that it will formally adopt an interim policy forbidding students from serving in leadership roles if they belong to unrecognized single-gender clubs.
Outgoing President Drew Faust and Harvard Corporation fellow William F. Lee shared the news via email, reporting that the Corporation—not the faculty, as expected—had voted to maintain the school’s existing policy on unrecognized single-gender social organizations (USGSOs), which has been in place on an interim basis since May 2016.
“Under the policy, students may decide to join a USGSO and remain in good standing,” a statement attached to the email asserts, though it also cautions that “decisions often have consequences, as they do here in terms of the students’ eligibility for decanal endorsements and leadership positions supported by institutional resources.”
Reiterating that “the policy does not discipline or punish the students,” but rather “recognizes that students who serve as leaders of our community should exemplify the characteristics of non-discrimination and inclusivity that are so important to our campus,” the Corporation’s statement emphasizes its belief that the policy preserves “agency and choice” while balancing competing interests.
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